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I am in the middle of an intense writing project for a local client and let me tell you, I have been reading some incredible stories of determination and commitment. If you think home business success and achievement takes time, you might consider the demands and challenges faced by adult students working towards a university degree.

My task is to write a short bio for each student, to be read by a narrator as the student walks across the stage to receive his or her degree. I will have as many as 500 bios to write over the next few weeks.

These are committed individuals seeking greater success and achievement, greater knowledge, personal skills and professional credentials in order to advance in their chosen fields. In most cases, they are doing this BlipStarrwhile still working full time and raising a family.

Their level of determination, focus and commitment is evidenced by how they spend their “free time” during the program, which can last for several years depending on the field: instead of spending time with family or socializing with friends, in most cases, these students must use every bit if free time they can reading, studying, writing papers, doing required projects and, in some cases, working on site in their chosen fields to get practical, hands-on experience.

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The New Psychology of Achievement

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Here is my personal testimony for the Brian Tracy audio program, The New Psychology of Achievement. I am quite excited about the value this great resource has to offer.

While traveling recently I made use of the time to listen to all six CDs in the program. You may already know that I am a big fan of Brian’s personal development and training materials. The New Psychology of Achievement lives up to Brian’s high standards for delivering beneficial insight and strategies in an informative and entertaining manner.

The sub-title for the program is “Breakthrough Strategies for Success and Happiness in the 21st Century.” We live in a new age of marketing and communication. Many of the old paradigms have dropped away and to be successful in this new age, you need to learn and practice new strategies for approaching all the old, familiar challenges.

In The New Psychology of Achievement, Brian relates one of the biggest questions he most often Personal Developmentgets asked: “How can we compete more effectively in such a rapidly changing world?”

How do you think he would answer that question?

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