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Forget about Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird is the code name of the new Google search algorithm! Google introduced this algorithm a few months ago and expects it to deliver improved search results.

Hummingbird replaces the old ranking algorithm. Penguin and Panda were updates of that algorithm and have most likely been integrated with the new one.

A main feature of the new algorithm is that it promises to be better with ‘conversational search’. What that means is, instead of searching for individual words in a search phrase, the new algorithm examines the whole phrase and tries to interpret the intended meaning of it. … Read the rest of this entry

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Website owners struggling just to get traffic, never mind conversions, may feel uncomfortable with today’s topic: the importance of website conversion optimization in getting higher search engine rankings.

It seems to me like another Catch-22 situation: you need conversions to help you get the rankings you need to get organic search engine traffic, but you need the traffic in order to generate those conversions. Which comes first?

It’s a tough business, this Internet Marketing. As a marketer, your goal is to get visitors to your website and then convert those visitors to buyers or subscribers or whatever your purpose is. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here is a snippet of search engine insight that I don’t know if it will help you, or confuse you more than you may already be regarding how to make the search engines happy and get better search engine placement.

There was a time when a high number of backlinks helped you do well in the search engines. But the algorithms changed and sheer volume of links was no longer good enough.

Then it became important to get quality backlinks. That is, links from good quality sites that were very similar and highly relevant to your own site. This apparently told the search engines that other sites liked your site and were willing to recommend it to their visitors.

But then the algorithms changed and now it is no longer good enough to simply have relevant links on high quality sites. … Read the rest of this entry

Website Analysis Tool: Browser Size

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Google recently introduced a new website analysis tool you can use to help optimize the content on your website. The new tool lets you instantly analyse your browser size, including what parts of your page are actually “above the fold.”

Many Internet Marketers are already using this tool to improve the positioning of their page elements and enhance their conversion rates. Among other features, it gives you an instant visualization of your actual web page, showing you which portions of your page are visible to which percentages of your visitors.

Google explains that the reason why this new tool is valuable is because “Visitors to websites are using an ever-growing number of devices,” and “For many people, the visible portion of the web page is much smaller than the screen resolution.”Read the rest of this entry

SEO Backlinking Conundrum

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Developing an effective backlinking strategy has never been easy and recent search engine changes have shaken things up. Google suggests a method, but for many Internet Marketers, I think it creates an SEO backlinking conundrum.

While I agree with and support Google’s suggestion, I see it as kind of a Catch-22 situation, like which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Today’s post is a follow-up to my previous post titled, “Getting Backlinks the Google Way.” Here, I will repeat the method outlined by Google and I will offer my opinion on how I see it as being a potential conundrum or Catch-22 for online marketers. … Read the rest of this entry

Link Building Tutorial Shows You 30 Ways

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How do I love this free link building tutorial? Let me count the ways… Yep. There are 30 of ‘em! All wrapped up in a handy little eBook just waiting for you to take them, apply them and reap the backlink benefits.

Internet Marketing is all about traffic, and one of the best ways … no, make that TWO of the best ways to get free traffic are via links you get on other sites similar to yours, and organic traffic you get from high search engine rankings.

The added advantage to getting backlinks from other websites is that if they are quality links, chances are each one will earn you a little bit more search engine love. And that all adds up to better positioning on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A new eBook has just been released that shows you 30 ways to get backlinks. It is a link building tutorial and I am giving it away free as an added bonus to subscribers of my Website Traffic Tips Newsletter. … Read the rest of this entry

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New Internet Marketers who want to give their website a natural search engine optimization (SEO) boost should consider these internal link building tips. Internal links are links on your site that point to other pages also on your site.

There can be a few reasons why it is good to direct your visitors to your various web pages: it might be for the value of the information they will find, or to encourage them to purchase a product or service, or simply to keep them on your site longer. It also helps to strengthen the optimization of your site.

If you set up your internal links properly, they will look natural and will also help to achieve the results you want on all levels, whatever your purpose for them might be. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here’s some good news for Internet Marketers – you can stop worrying about the Google PageRank algorithm because PageRank is misunderstood and isn’t really as important as some people may think it is!

I read an interesting article today in the Axandra Search Engine Facts newsletter explaining how to judge the quality of a backlink. The article indicates that the PageRank of a website is not that important.

It says that it is a waste of time trying to get backlinks from websites with a certain PageRank and it uses the example of a quality website that adds a new page. The page may be good, but because it is new, it will not have a PageRank. If the quality is there, it doesn’t matter if the page with the link to your site has a low PageRank.

The article also points out that the PageRank that is publicly displayed is not the actual PageRank that is used in the Google PageRank algorithm. So, what is PageRank? … Read the rest of this entry

How To Build Backlinks That Look Natural

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I’ve been reading about the importance of creating a natural backlink profile and want to share with readers a couple of ideas on how to build backlinks that come across as being natural. Do this if you want high search rankings that last.

We all know that the Google search engine and others have been stepping up their practice of tweaking and adjusting the search engine algorithms. Their aim is to improve the search experience for users. Their intentions seem to be honourable, but it has been causing trouble for Internet Marketers trying to keep up with best practices of search engine optimization.

It is no secret that one motivating factor for these constant updates is the tendency among some marketers to try to trick the system in order to get better search rankings. The result is that algorithm changes are made that can negatively affect all marketers, not just the offenders.

The best thing to do is to avoid questionable methods of link building and learn how to build backlinks that look natural. … Read the rest of this entry

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The 3 Steps to Search Engine Success eBook has just been updated for 2012 and is available for the next few days at HALF PRICE (including bonuses): learn how to improve search engine rankings quickly, easily and at a great price.

Even after the two-day introductory offer is over and the eBook goes back to regular price, it is still a great deal because of the information and guidance contained in the book. Author Suzanne Morrison is experienced and knowledgeable on the subject and provides excellent insight, references and resource recommendations.

Follow Suzanne’s guidance and you will achieve top positions in the search engines, and that could translate into thousands of free search engine visitors coming to your website. Revised and newly updated, 3 Steps to Search Engine Success will show you exactly how to achieve higher search engine rankings now. … Read the rest of this entry

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