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I checked the official Google Search blog today and here are a few highlights from a recent Google algorithm update. The post I read was from June 7 and included 39 changes and updates made in the month of May.

Many of the updates seem to be of the “housekeeping” variety intended to tighten up and fine-tune the related functions. Some of the changes relate to improvements for users in Asian countries.

A few of the updates relate directly to Internet Marketers and the SEO schemes and tactics some of them employ to try to improve their search engine rankings. Here are a couple of items I found interesting on the blog. … Read the rest of this entry

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Here’s some good news for Internet Marketers – you can stop worrying about the Google PageRank algorithm because PageRank is misunderstood and isn’t really as important as some people may think it is!

I read an interesting article today in the Axandra Search Engine Facts newsletter explaining how to judge the quality of a backlink. The article indicates that the PageRank of a website is not that important.

It says that it is a waste of time trying to get backlinks from websites with a certain PageRank and it uses the example of a quality website that adds a new page. The page may be good, but because it is new, it will not have a PageRank. If the quality is there, it doesn’t matter if the page with the link to your site has a low PageRank.

The article also points out that the PageRank that is publicly displayed is not the actual PageRank that is used in the Google PageRank algorithm. So, what is PageRank? … Read the rest of this entry

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Google isn’t pulling any punches with their latest update, indicating that good web page design now means you may have to move some of your ads down so you can push your content up “above-the-fold” for greater exposure and appeal.

So suggests the Google blog post highlighting their Jan. 19 page layout algorithm improvement. This is just one of more than 500 such improvements that the Search leader plans to roll out in 2012.

Marketers and advertisers may not like this change, but if the ads on your web page currently overpower your content, and if you don’t adjust and improve the positioning of that content, you may feel Google’s wrath in the form of lower rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). … Read the rest of this entry

New Google Search Engine Updates Fast and Furious

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Well, it looks like the days of new Google search engine updates happening just a few times a year are a thing of the past. Now they’re coming fast and furious! As I noted a few days ago, there were more than 30 updates in December alone.

It’s almost like the Google programmers have discovered a new skill or found a new hobby and they can’t get enough of it! I can just imagine them huddling in groups around their computers giggling and Googling and saying, “Hey! Lets tweak the (search) engines some more!”

If you want to keep up with new happenings in the wonderful world of search algorithm updates, click this direct link to the Official Google Blog. It really is quite informative. … Read the rest of this entry