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MacBook Air Auctions Now at Pricebenders

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Most people enjoy the conveniences of technology, and many who do also like to keep up with the latest in technology. Even better is snagging some of those new devices for less-than-retail prices, even pennies on the dollar!

Now, at Pricebenders Penny Auctions, beginning on November 12, you can join in the fun and win a brand new Apple MacBook Air notebook computer. Imagine that!

I’m not saying that winning one of those babies is going to be easy. A LOT of people are going to be trying. But the truth is, I have seen a number of computers and electronic devices go for under 10 dollars in the auctions over the past year, and some electronic items for under one dollar, so winning a MacBook Air cheaply is entirely possible. … Read the rest of this entry

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Whether you are shopping online for toys, kids or baby items, or you HAVE some of those items to sell (or know somebody who does), here is a great shopping site to add to your list of places to keep an eye on for bargains.

It is the e-commerce shopping site. TripleClicks currently has almost 1.9 million members and lists more than 97,000 products and services in 28 categories, including the one for toys, kids and baby items.

New, unused items can be found listed for sale on the site as well as many items in gently used condition being offered by people who no longer want or need the items. You should check out today’s selection and bookmark the site for quick and easy future reference. … Read the rest of this entry

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I just received a brand new, still-in-package “The Dark Knight RisesBlu-ray movie from Pricebenders Penny Auctions and not only did they pay the shipping, but they also gave me $13.07 value in more bidding credits!

My cost to win the auction was just $1.43 total. In return, they gave me the movie (with free shipping) plus 50 bidding credits (worth at least $14.50). This kind of deal hasn’t happened to me often, but man, when it does, oh, what a feeling! Here’s the breakdown of what happened.

First, I am a member of, the site that hosts Pricebenders Penny Auctions, and I participate in the auctions regularly. In order to bid on the auctions, you need to buy bidding credits in advance. Bidding credits are called “TCredits” and they are used for a variety of things in addition to bidding on the auctions. … Read the rest of this entry

Digital Downloads Worth a Look

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Chances are you already know that one of the things I promote online is the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site. The site offers nearly 30 categories of items; one of the categories is the Digital Downloads section.

The Digitals section features e-books, software and other digital items. The selection is growing and it can change from day to day because existing members are always adding new items for sale and new members are joining the community regularly.

Overall, TripleClicks currently lists more than 96,000 products and services. The site has more than 1.7 million members. Items available for sale at TripleClicks include both used and new items. Many members list used items for sale, and many commercial sellers list new items. … Read the rest of this entry

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There are many great places to buy movies and games online, and music, too. Where you shop might be a matter of preference, or it might just mean knowing where to find a great selection, great prices and a secure platform.

Allow me to recommend the e-commerce shopping site where you can buy and sell thousands of items in numerous categories, including Movies, Music and Games and much more.

I am a member and a marketing affiliate for TripleClicks and I I know the site is secure and dependable because I make personal purchases on the site regularly. If you are looking for something new or used or unique, I encourage you to check out TripleClicks and be sure to bookmark it for future reference. … Read the rest of this entry

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Today, I am highlighting a website that one of my SFI team members has put up to feature products and services she is promoting and selling. Jennie Franklin is an enthusiastic Internet Marketer and I invite you to visit her site.

Jennie’s website, Shopping Wisely Online, offers information and links to a number of items. My interest is in how she is using her site to point visitors to certain items, pages and features of the TripleClicks (TC) e-commerce website for online shopping.

When you click to Jennie’s site, you will see links and banners for, for Penny Auctions (hosted on TripleClicks), for the TC Deal of the Day and more. … Read the rest of this entry

T-Time Savings at TripleClicks

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I mentioned Pricebenders live auctions in my previous blog post and how you can win free bidding credits by guessing the closing prices of auctions. Here is another way to win free credits that can be used at Pricebenders.

There is a free game on the site where all you do is click a button to enter and you could win two TCredits. Every hour around the clock 30 different winners are selected with each person receiving the two-credit award.

The game is called T-Time. TCredits are the “currency” at TripleClicks, the e-commerce site that hosts Pricebenders auctions. You use TCredits to bid on auctions, place Pick-the-Price guesses, download music, buy products and even list your own items for sale. … Read the rest of this entry

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Many people like participating in auctions on the Internet. They are fun, challenging and sometimes very rewarding! Pricebenders is a popular online auction site where a lot of members win items for just pennies on the dollar.

Imagine getting gold coins for just 38 cents each; a remote control helicopter (with camera!) for just 56 cents; a one ounce silver bar for just ONE CENT; a Motorola unlocked 3G Android phone for $3.57; a Samsung Galaxy Ace (unlocked) for $1.58; a Samsung Chromebook for $19.86. These are all verifiable wins over the past few days. There are dozens more.

The way the Pricebenders auctions work is you buy credits that can be used for bidding in the auctions or for other features on the site. Here’s the great part: there is also a way you can win either 50 or 200 FREE credits!Read the rest of this entry

How to Sell Your Stuff Online for Cash

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I get so wrapped up in the home business opportunities end of things that I sometimes forget that some people just want to keep it simple! With that in mind, this blog post will tell you how to sell your stuff online for cash.

I’m talking about unwanted stuff you have laying around the house, perhaps tucked away in closets, in the attic, in the basement, maybe in your garage. Old stuff you don’t use anymore, but is still in good shape and will be of use to someone else.

Let me tell you about an online e-commerce site where you can list your items and sell them securely to registered members of the site; more than 1.6 million members at the moment, and growing every day. … Read the rest of this entry

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From gadgets to gear, collectibles to closeouts, new and used and much, much more, let your bargain shopping online begin at, the online e-commerce shopping site. You WILL be amazed at the prices!

Not to mention the variety and selection. TripleClicks has quickly gained in popularity as a secure and friendly place to buy great items and even sell your own unwanted stuff.

Let’s take a brief look at the “gadgets and gear” sections of the site. I’m talking about Computers, Electronics and Phones and Accessories. … Read the rest of this entry

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