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A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to make money online and while it is possible, before beginning, the true reality of work from home business opportunities should be taken into account.

I don’t want to discourage anybody, but at the same time, I don’t think anyone should enter into any kind of Internet Marketing business with delusions of grandeur. Take time to investigate and understand the challenges associated with home-based online businesses and weigh them carefully before beginning.

The first thing to understand is that developing such a business, getting it to the point of profit and then to the stage where it is producing steady, lifestyle-sustaining income is not easy and it is far from being quick. There are instances of a business growing quickly, but for the average person, they are rare. … Read the rest of this entry

How To Become A Freelance Writer For Pay In 2012

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If you are a new writer wondering how to become a freelance writer for pay in 2012, here is a recommended resource to consider. It will provide you with lists of paying writing markets and some very good training tips for writers.

Before I begin, let me say, as I’ve said before about this writer’s resource, if you are experienced in finding writing markets online, this might be a resource that you do not need. Of course, if you are new to writing online and don’t know how or where to find the best paying markets, then you will find this resource to be very beneficial.

The resource is a website called Real Writing Jobs where members get instant access to a writing job database that contains links to literally thousands of paid writing opportunities. … Read the rest of this entry