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Newcomers to Internet Marketing often have to make decisions about things they know little about, including choosing a domain name that’s suitable for their new business. It’s not as cut and dried as it may appear. A little guidance might help.

When I was an Internet home business newbie I was told to pick a name and register it so the person selling me the service could build the site for me. I do not recall receiving any specific guidance about selecting an appropriate name; just a few generalizations.

So, because I was accustomed only to offline marketing and promotion, not online marketing, I picked a name that I thought would be unique and memorable. Unfortunately, as I later found out, that was not the way to do it online. …

However, by the time I learned some appropriate recommendations for choosing a domain name that is right for your business, it was too late. I had to live with my “mistake” and make the best of it.

Well, the NEXT time I had to select a name for a new website I was launching (the site you are visiting right now), I had a much better idea of how to choose an effective domain name… but as it turned out, there was yet another lesson I had to learn.

I named this site Affiliate Power Central (notice the URL) because the original intent was to create a site full of affiliate resources and recommendations. However, after the site was launched, I realized that I also wanted to promote personal development products. How does THAT niche tie in to affiliate marketing?

The spin I put on it was that if you work on personal development and self-improvement, you build skills and attitudes that will enhance your affiliate marketing and selling abilities. It makes sense. But how will people searching for personal development know they will find it on an “Affiliate Power” site? It takes a whole lot more marketing and promotion to achieve success when you are faced with that particular challenge.

The lesson to be learned with this experience is that you should be very clear and focused on what your website is going to be about, and where it may go in the future, so you can choose a name that fits well and that lends itself to effective optimization and marketing.

If you are planning a new website and are trying to pick a good name for it, here are a couple of tips:

1) Be very clear on the nature of the niche the site will be focusing on.

Choosing a Domain Name2) Do some keyword research to help you choose a name that clearly describes your niche or marketing focus. Who are your targeted prospects? What keywords will they use to search for the products and services you may be selling?

3) Using the most likely keywords for your new site, brainstorm a few possible domain names that feel good to you, that read well, and that will likely catch the attention of your target market.

4) Use an online domain name suggestion tool to help you find which of your preferred domain names are not already taken and are available. A tool like this might also give you some ideas you may not already have thought about.

Once you have a great name chosen and you are ready to roll with it, get it registered, sign up for a web hosting account with a reputable and reliable hosting company, and get your new website launched! I recommend hosting with Bluehost.

If you are in any way uncertain about this whole Internet Marketing thing, you can find some excellent free training resources on the recently updated My Affiliate Power Site. Check it out!

Choosing a domain name that is right for you is a very important step in your quest for online success. Take your time, give it its due attention and do the job right.

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