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I don’t usually write a lot here that is not directly related to Internet Marketing and home business resources, but since today is Christmas and I am taking a break from festivities, here is a special memory of a Christmas Day, past.

One Christmas Day, a few decades ago when our children were young, money was tight and we couldn’t afford a traditional Christmas dinner. However, as an unexpected result, we were blessed with an opportunity to create memories that would last a lifetime.

Instead of turkey and all of the trimmings, our Christmas dinner that year ended up being hotdogs! Here is what made those hotdogs so special. …

We live on an acreage still within town limits that, at that time, was pretty much surrounded by forest with only two relatively close neighbours. It was a peaceful setting.

A small group of private developers wanted to build some homes to the north of our property, so they had recently cleared the trees in a couple of patches, intended for roadways. One patch was low-laying and the rain water accumulated there, creating a marsh or slough. We called it “the pond”, lol.

Despite losing part of our forest, the pond was great because it attracted birds and lots of frogs and then, in the winter, it froze over giving us our own private skating rink!

Well, this particular Christmas, even with our financial restraints, we still wanted to celebrate the day with joy and give our kids a memorable holiday, so my spouse and I came up with a plan.

We bought wieners and buns, marshmallows and hot chocolate and planned to have a Christmas Day campfire, wiener roast and skating party out by the frozen pond.

Winters in our part of Canada can sometimes be quite cold, and this day was no exception, but we bundled up accordingly, cleared the snow off of the pond, hauled lots of split firewood to the area, built a nice big bonfire and prepared for an exciting Christmas Day celebration!

Let me tell you, when it’s chilly like that outside, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and campfire-heated hot chocolate never tasted so good! We skated and played hockey and enjoyed hot chocolate to our hearts’ content.

Since then, we have enjoyed many great Christmas Days, but that one Christmas truly stands out as a special memory for me. It proved to me that quality time spent with loved ones is far more meaningful than the overly commercialized celebrations that seem to be the accepted standard for so many people today.

Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas to all of my friends, associates and regular readers!

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Happy Holidays!

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