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Here is an e-commerce portal that is perfect for small and medium businesses that want to get set up online fast with their products and services. It is the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program on the TripleClicks shopping site.

TripleClicks currently lists more than 78,000 products and services and the site is ALWAYS looking for new merchants to add their product or service lines. The ECA program allows you to go global instantly, reaching more than 1.6 million registered members and potentially millions more.

There are no listing fees. Just sign up free, upload your product information and start selling online! …

E-Commerce PortalThere is no risk involved. TripleClicks does take a nominal amount, but ONLY when a sale is made.

Qualifying ECA merchants get a customized website and multiple paying options for their customers.

You can read more details about becoming an ECA here:
E-Commerce Associates Program

Very simply, here is how this e-commerce portal works:

1. Upload your product information

2. Shoppers see your products

3. Shoppers buy your products

4. TripleClicks advises you that orders need to be filled

5. Customer’s payment is transferred to your account when shipment is confirmed

The ECA program is for commercial sellers who can be verified with business identification or documentation.

If you are not a commercial seller but would like to list items for sale at TripleClicks, you can do so though the TC Member Listings Program. Simply sign up free as a TripleClicks member and then look for the Member Listings info in the Member Center.

Small and medium businesses that either want to get set up online
fast, or that may already be online but are looking for an additional e-commerce portal to showcase and sell their products or
services will love the TC ECA program!

Take a look at the E-Commerce Associates benefits right now,
sign up today, and go global instantly!

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E-Commerce Portal

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