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In a nutshell, here is exactly how E-Commerce Business referrals can make you money: You introduce businesses to our E-Commerce Associates (ECA) program; they list products in our online store; you earn commissions when their products sell!

There are two levels of commissions you can qualify to receive – both are easy. One is the basic commission for every sale your ECA referrals make. The other is a combination of the basic commission PLUS a sales commission if you are the one who promotes and sells the item.

Your basic commission is 10% of the commission volume of the item. Commission volume is the difference between the product’s wholesale/base cost and the price that it sells for. For example, if your ECA referral sells a product for $100 and the commission volume was $50, your commission on that item would be $5. …

When YOU generate the sale, your SALES commission is 45% of the commission volume. Combine that with the 10% you earn because it is one of your ECA referrals and you end up with a commission of 55%. In the example above, your commission would be $27.50 on the sale.

E-Commerce BusinessHere is the great part: once your ECA referral is approved, your part is done! From that moment on, every time they make a sale, you earn 10% of the commission volume. Nothing more for you to do. You will continue to earn referral commissions for life, as long as that ECA remains a member in good standing and you remain a member in good standing.

Of course, if you choose to actively promote their products, then, when you generate the sale, you will pump up your commission to 55% of the commission volume.

Whether or not you get involved in the selling end of it is entirely up to you. There is no obligation to do anything more after your referral has been accepted and begins listing their products or services. Selling is just an additional option available to those who are interested.

Here is another good thing: You can also promote our online store in general, or any individual items or category in the store, and you will earn sales commissions when you make sales. That’s 45% of the commission volume (plus the 10% referral commission anytime it is your ECA).

Now that you know how E-Commerce Business referrals can make you money online, there are three things for you to do: First, sign up as an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group (no cost, no purchase obligations); Second, once you are an SFI affiliate, look for the E-Commerce Associates Program training and free marketing resources in the SFI Affiliate Center; Third, begin prospecting for ECA businesses!

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