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I have been involved with online marketing forums for several years and I have seen some good ones. When it comes to friendly forums for your home business, the Entrepreneur Forums at is one of the best.

The Entrepreneur Forums is a high quality site with leadership from some very active and highly conscientious marketers. Their commitment to professionalism is evident in their forum participation and in their own business development.

Discussion categories in this friendly entrepreneur community range from Internet Marketing to Social Networking, Starting Your Own Business, Making Money in 2011, Entrepreneur Resources and a whole range of sub categories. There is a forum category or topic to suit just about every business, marketing and entrepreneurial interest out there! …

I joined the site about two years ago and quickly discovered a wealth of information and inspiration in the various discussion groups. Members come and go, but we generally have a good cross section of entrepreneurs from a variety of business and marketing backgrounds and with all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Members are encouraged to share their experience and insight and offer tips and ideas to others. Questions are always welcome, and members with a particular field of expertise and who share it in an informative and friendly way are appreciated.
Friendly Forums For Your Home Business
Our forum moderators are all active in their own businesses and volunteer their time to help moderate and contribute to the forums. From time to time, we invite new moderators to join the team. Regular members who are friendly, supportive and active in the forums on a regular, consistent basis are given consideration.

Site owner Evan Carmichael is also active in the forums and is very supportive of the members. Evan’s site in general is a leader in entrepreneurial information and resources. His Entrepreneur Forums is an extension of the value he brings to the online business and marketing community.

I encourage you to take a few minutes right now to visit and browse through the Entrepreneur Forums on the site. You may have checked out other friendly forums for your home business, but I will tell you, this is one you should not overlook!

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Friendly Forums For Your Home Business

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