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Here is a unique way to promote your business. It encourages you to use some marketing techniques that you should always be using anyway, and it gives you the chance to win some prizes because it is a cool contest.

And it’s FREE! It is the Triple Crown Contest (TCC), sponsored by Evan Carmichael on his website. Evan has patterned his TCC after the Triple Crown award earned by baseball players who lead their league in three major categories (home runs, runs batted in, and batting average).

The difference is that the website is focused on small business and entrepreneurship, so Evan’s three contest categories reflect this focus. …

The three categories in the TCC are Approved Articles, Forum Posts and Referred Articles.

Approved Articles are your own articles that you submit to Evan’s article directory that get approved and published within the contest period.
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Forum Posts are comments you have personally posted in the Entrepreneur Forums on Evan’s website within the contest period.

Referred Articles are articles posted within the contest period by other writers and marketers who you have personally referred to Evan’s article directory. You must do this using a unique referral link you will be given after you sign up to be an author on Evan’s site.

I’ll write more about each of these categories in upcoming posts, highlighting how you can use them to promote your business. Today, my purpose is simply to make you aware of this great contest.

The TCC is a quarterly contest that runs throughout the year. Contest updates showing the leaders in each category are posted in the Entrepreneur Forums regularly throughout each quarterly contest period. Winners are announced promptly at the end of each quarter.

Win Prizes!

You can win prizes for each of the three categories that you win. Additionally, if you succeed in winning all three categories in the same calendar quarter, you win Evan’s Triple Crown prize!

Achieving first place in any of these three categories will earn you:

* A spot on the contest page;
* A free pack of Entrepreneur Heroes trading cards;
* Your own trading card (I’ve got mine and it is VERY cool!)
* And a special surprise card insert.

Achieving first place in ALL THREE of these categories earns you the Triple Crown and some additional bonuses including:

* An Elite Series Award with engraving that is an elegant combination of polished chrome with K9 optic crystal base. This unique award is valued at $250.00 USD for the ultimate in bragging rights!
* Your own Personalized 3D Caricature Bobble Head!
* Your picture will be featured prominently with a link to your website on’s homepage for the following 3 months!

The contest for the second-quarter of 2012 ended on June 30, and the new third-quarter contest just began on July 1.

Sign Up Now – It’s Free!

Sign up now as a member of the Entrepreneur Forums (it’s free), and an Author (it’s free). Once your author application has been approved and you can access your author admin area, pick up your unique referral link and start telling other writers and entrepreneurs about Evan’s article directory.

As an Internet Marketer and business person, you should already be using Article Marketing and online business forums to help promote your business. The Triple Crown Contest on Evan’s site gives you some great incentives for doing more of it!

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