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Many feel the calling to entrepreneurship but not everybody is cut out for it. How do you know for sure? There is a way to find out before you invest a lot of time and money into a venture you may not be suited for.

My friend and marketing associate Evan Carmichael offers a series of Modeling the Masters worksheets on his website, including the first in the series, the Entrepreneur Personality Test. This test is quick and easy to do, very thorough, and if you are honest with yourself, the results can be quite revealing!

You can purchase and go through the whole series of worksheets, or you can pick and choose which worksheets you want to do and buy just those. They cost $7 each, or you can save a bunch of money and purchase the whole series for only $97. …

The first worksheet, the Entrepreneur Personality Test, “will give you 100 questions that will help you determine the likelihood of you becoming a successful entrepreneur,” Evan explains. “There’s a huge difference between having an idea and wanting to start a company vs. actually becoming a successful business owner.”

Entrepreneur Personality TestYou simply answer each of the 100 questions true or false and at the end, you tally up your score and find your place in the evaluation section. I scored in the top category (of course! lol), but I will admit that there were a few questions that were borderline, so in reality I would probably fall into the second category.

The evaluation in the top category indicates that you are a “Hardcore entrepreneur. You were born to be in business for yourself! What are you waiting for?”

The evaluation in the second category indicates that you are an “Entrepreneur in the making. There are a few things you need to work on but entrepreneurship is for you. Time to make things happen!”

The third category indicates that you are a “wannabe entrepreneur” and offers some advice on how to improve your standing in the results.

The fourth category rates you as a “borderline entrepreneur” and suggests an alternative form of business to consider, one with more structure and less risk.

The final two categories give you pause for reflection as you reconsider whether or not you should pursue your entrepreneurial interests.

The Entrepreneur Personality Test worksheet contains much more than simply a series of questions and evaluations:

~ Learn how Evan Carmichael decided to become an entrepreneur and how he started.

~ Get some insight into Larry Ellison’s beginnings. Ellison is the founder of Oracle.

~ Review some valuable advice offered by notable entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Lillian Vernon, Brett Wilson, Jeff Bezos, George Lucas, Martha Stewart and others.

Evan cautions that it is not easy to be an entrepreneur; it may be the hardest thing you do in your life. By his own example, he found that if you learn to model the masters, you will get a great start and will enjoy a decided advantage over other aspiring entrepreneurs.

First, you must find out if you were born to be an entrepreneur!

I recommend that you purchase Evan’s Entrepreneur Personality Test worksheet and take the test to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Then, if your results are favourable, you will be ready to move forward with complete confidence. Go for it!

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