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I am not a gamer. I know people who spend a lot of time playing online games for the challenge or the competition or simply to pass the time. But I have rarely played online games and not only that, my computer came loaded with games years ago and I have never opened one of them!

It’s not that I don’t enjoy games or think there’s anything wrong with them. I’ve just never fallen into the habit of playing games on my computer or online.

However . . . having said that . . . there is one place online where I DO play a certain type of game for some extra online fun, and that place is Eager Zebra Games on the TripleClicks e-commerce shopping site. You can do lots there besides shopping. I like to participate in some of the guessing games. …

There have been guessing games at TripleClicks for some time now, but the Eager Zebra Games section is a recent new addition.

Pick the Price

The guessing game I participate in most often is called Pick the Price. The way it works is you try to guess the closing bid prices on auctions in the Pricebenders Penny Auctions section of TripleClicks.

Eager Zebra GamesAuction bidding starts at one penny and you have to submit your Pick the Price guess before it reaches one dollar. There are dozens of auctions every day, so you have plenty of opportunity to submit guesses and win prizes.

There are two Pick the Price prizes you can potentially win. If you guess the exact closing price on an auction, and your guess was the first one in, you win 100 TCredits. If nobody guesses the exact closing price, then the first person to have submitted the closest guess wins 25 TCredits.

TCredits are like the “currency” of TripleClicks. Members buy TCredits (by the each or in multi-paks) and use them for a variety of purposes, including bidding in auctions and placing Pick the Price guesses.

It costs one TCredit to submit a Pick the Price guess. I don’t often win the exact guess, but I do regularly win the closest guess (I submit guesses on several auctions every day).

Time Machine is the new game in town!

Time Machine is a new game at TripleClicks and the first one rolled out under the official Eager Zebra Games banner.

The Time Machine game will change with each new game cycle. The way this first one works is you can submit daily guesses based on this question: How many total points will be scored in the national semifinals (two games) of the Mens NCAA Basketball tournament on April 5th, 2014?

You can submit only one guess per day and the cost is one TCredit per guess.

But here is the exciting part: The Prize!

The person with the winning guess wins the Zackpot (jackpot), which, as I write this, is currently sitting at almost 19,000 TCredits! Wow! What I could do with that many TCredits!

But the contest isn’t over until April 5, so the actual prize could be substantially higher than 19,000. Imagine that?

If more than one person guesses the correct number, they share the Zackpot. If no one wins, then it gets rolled over into the next game. This is very exciting! And it costs just one TCredit to submit a guess. With a little research online, anybody should be able to come up with a likely answer to the question.

Over time, more games will be added to this section of the TripleClicks e-commerce site. For now, the Pick the Price and Time Machine games are the ones that have me excited and participating.

That is two ways the Eager Zebra Games offer you the chance for some extra online fun. Check it out! Visit the TripleClicks site now and click the “Games” tab.

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