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Trivia fans who enjoy the challenge of competition are going to like this! Starting at 10 a.m. Central Time on July 7, an exciting new game called Knockout Trivia debuts on the e-commerce shopping site.

You must be a member of the TripleClicks site to play Knockout Trivia – TripleClicks membership is free! The complete rules will be published on the site just prior to the start of the first game.

The way this new game works is participants are given a series of trivia questions. Each question offers four potential answers and you have to choose the correct one. Answer the question correctly and you advance to the next round. You keep advancing until you pick the wrong answer and get knocked out. …

Knockout Trivia GameEach game continues until only one player is left standing. That person wins the big prize! The runner-up wins a consolation prize.

There are elements to the game that allow you to “buy” back in if you’ve been knocked out and you can also get a couple of chances per game to get help in choosing the correct answer.

There is one catch: you have only seconds to answer each question! That means you’ve got to be quick with your answers.

It was my privilege to be part of the group that beta tested this new Knockout Trivia game. I played in several of the test games and while I did not win any of them, I did come in as runner-up once!

I can tell you it is fun, exciting and very challenging! As I said earlier, if you enjoy trivia and the challenge of competition, this is going to be a game for you!

The shopping site offers much more than just games. You can shop around 100,000 items in a variety of categories; you can list your own items for sale as a regular member or as a commercial seller; you can listen to music and vote on your favourite up-and-coming artists; you can participate in the Pricebenders penny auctions; and you can participate in other games on the site!

Visit TripleClicks now, and beginning on Monday, July 7, click the GAMES tab to learn more about the new Knockout Trivia game. It truly is fun, exciting and challenging. Join in and find out for yourself!

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