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Here is a great home business resource that gives you extra storage protection, access and flexibility for all of your important documents, photos and videos and it lets you share them with other people. You might want to get Dropbox.

The service offers upgrade options for those who need lots more storage space or sharing capability, but you can JOIN FREE and get plenty of space. There are also some easy ways to get extra free space, too.

The motto at Dropbox is, “Your life’s work, wherever you are.” You can save any file to Dropbox and access it from all of your computers, phones or on the Dropbox website. …

It is an awesome file sharing service for students, home business marketers, professionals, family members and pretty much anybody.

Why would you want to get Dropbox to store your important files? The two main reasons are added security and easy global access.

Consider the consequences of accidentally deleting an important file on your computer, or if your computer crashes and you lose everything, or your laptop gets lost or stolen. If the file is in your Dropbox account, you will never lose it.

Get DropboxWhat if you are traveling for business or vacationing, or you get called away from home to attend some personal or family or business emergency and you can’t get back home to access an important document or file? If it is in your Dropbox you can access it with your phone or other mobile device.

This also means that you can start working on something on a computer at school or at the office and finish it at home, or vice-versa. If you use Dropbox, you no longer have to email files to yourself.

When sharing with others, you can use it for team projects, sharing photos with friends and family, or for “recording your band’s new album,” says information in the tour on the website.

It also notes that “Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a teacher, a photographer or an astronomer, an artist or an activist, Dropbox simplifies your life.”

If you think that now or in the future you may have need for flexible and accessible online file storage, then you really should get Dropbox.

Take the tour, sign up free and give the resource a test run. In today’s highly mobile digital world, it just makes plain sense. Check it out.

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Get Dropbox

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