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Do you keep an eye on your Google PageRank? I do, despite the fact that many Internet Marketers know little about this ranking criterion and of those who do, few place much value in it. My reasons for watching it are basic.

Even though PageRank (PR) updates have typically been few and far between, I check the PR for my site, Home Business Resources (Affiliate Power Central), daily, hoping to see the PR improve. Basically, I use it as a measurement tool to determine if my site is improving, and as a motivator to keep focused on further improvement.

Well, imagine my surprise when yesterday I discovered that my PR had gone down instead of up as I had been expecting it would do! …

Today, I learned about Google’s unexpected PageRank update and I have been reading articles and discussion about it.

Apparently, word was there was not going to be a PR data update before the end of the year, but here we are. Apparently, this update came as a result of an update to another backend service at Google.

PR updates used to happen at regular, although infrequent intervals. The website information available to webmasters following each update, while interesting, was dated and therefore not especially valuable for day-to-day analytic and search engine optimization uses.

Still, for me, I kept my eyes on my PR, hoping to see it improve, thus indicating that my attempts at site development have been somewhat successful. So much for that expectation!

Now it’s back to the drawing board.

Wikipedia | PageRankWell, even so, it still serves the same purpose: PR still gives me a bit of insight into what Google thinks of my site, and I will still work at doing things to improve my site and will hopefully eventually draw a more favourable PR from Google!

There are several ways to check your website PR. I have the Firefox WebRank Toolbar installed on my browser, so I can check my PR, number of pages indexed, number of backlinks and a variety of other bits of data every time I open or refresh my browser. The toolbar also gives me that data for every website I visit besides my own.

If you use the Firefox browser, you can click here to learn more about the WebRank ToolBar.

If you use Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers, you can click here to learn more about the Google Toolbar.

You can also learn more about Google PageRank by reading the PageRank entry at Wikipedia.

My PR for this site went down. No problem because I know it will go back up again. What about you and your website(s)? Did your PR go up or down? And what’s your opinion or experience with Google PageRank? Do you care about it? Does it offer you any value, or motivate you in any way?

Please feel welcome to share comments here.

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