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Some readers and visitors have wondered why I include personal development topics here and why I feature self-improvement audio programs and books. Well, let me tell you, it’s no motivational hokus-pokus; just good advice for your home business!

This website started out as a vehicle to share some ways to make money online and earn extra income working from home. Most of the time, I write about marketing methods and practices and I highlight resources that will help Internet Marketers.

You see, I’ve been a home business enthusiast for years, both offline and online, and I have found that I am not alone in this interest; there is a whole culture of like-minded enthusiasts interested in this kind of marketing and sales. …

Not only that, but many of us are equally interested in themes of self-improvement. I have long been an enthusiastic customer and marketing affiliate for personal development resources from Brian Tracy International. I have many of Brian’s resources in my home library.

Higher Achievement | Personal DevelopmentAfter I started this Affiliate Power Central website, I realized it would be a good place to share my interest in motivational topics. It seemed like a good fit to me. Here is why.

When you prepare to launch a business, whether it is a full-fledged corporation or a part-time Internet-based home business, the one unifying factor in the mix is you. The speed of your launch and the success of your business depend on your personal skills and abilities.

You might have partners or investors or supporters, but you still need some basic business know-how and some communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills and more in order to bring these people on side and to provide leadership for those working for you, including any outsourced service providers you may hire.

The better educated you are in your field and the more developed your related personal skills are, the more likely you are to be successful at what you do. Equally vital are planning skills, organizational skills and you must develop a great deal of self-confidence.

Not everybody comes by these skills naturally, but they can all be learned and developed. And regardless of where you are in your business today, it is never too late to work on some new skills or on improving your existing skills.

That is why I include personal development and self-improvement products in the category of home business resources. It is not just motivational hokus-pokus; words trying to pump you up emotionally. You’ve truly got to work on YOU if you want your business to develop and thrive.

I don’t care if you check out my links and ads for items from Brian Tracy International, or if you look elsewhere for self-improvement resources. The main thing is that you understand the importance and value they have on your business and that you take steps to find suitable resources and work on personal development regularly.

Again, this is no home business hokus-pokus. If you improve yourself, you WILL see your business improve in the bargain!

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