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If you are looking for ways of getting website traffic free, here is a great eBook that will show you 30 ways to do it in 30 minutes or less. The eBook is available free and it has just been newly updated for 2012.

It’s real easy to get this handy resource: I am giving it away as a bonus to visitors who sign up for my Affiliate Power Site Report and Home Business Tips Newsletter. The Report will show you how to set up your own money-making website in less than a week. The Newsletter will provide you with a variety of insightful tips, ideas and resources to help you along with your online business.

If you already have an Internet business up and running, the free traffic eBook will give you some great ideas, perhaps several you may not already know about. …

This “30 Ways” eBook was originally written by a group of my marketing mentors who wanted to help students of the business like me learn more ways of getting website traffic free. Knowing that we would want to share the wealth of this great information, our mentors gave us permission to offer the eBook to our website visitors and Internet Marketing friends.

The eBook was first written late in 2010, well over a year ago. Recently, my mentors decided it was time for an update, since some things have changed over the past year. As we all know all too well, online marketing is in a constant state of flux as methods and resources continue to change and evolve.

This eBook reflects a number of those changes. Some traditional methods of getting free website traffic are included as well as a few ideas and sources that you may not have thought about or known about. Many of the traffic tips include great explanations and background information, making it an ideal training guide.

The title of the eBook is 30 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less.

If getting website traffic is a 2012 priority for you like it is for many online marketers, then sign up now for my Affiliate Power Site Report and Home Business Tips Newsletter and you will receive the download link for the free bonus eBook in your Welcome email.

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Getting Website Traffic

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