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Internet Marketers value the targeted visitors they get from Google, but most think of that traffic only in terms of the income it could produce. In reality, the benefits go beyond simply making money from search engine traffic.

Of course, the first step to online success is to learn and apply some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to your websites and to your onsite and offsite content. Your initial goal is to get your site and your web pages to the first pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs) because high rankings in the SERPs usually means more traffic and more sales.

However, besides making sales and income, there are a few other reasons for working hard to get the top search engine spots. Here are four of the key benefits to consider: …

Passive Traffic

When you optimize your site and your content you are building the foundation to attract passive traffic that comes to your site from the search engines without you having to anything more than you have already done.

Passive traffic is essential to the efficiency and success of your online business. It is like the difference between spending time and energy physically dragging people into your shop as opposed to groups of people just walking in your door on their own.

Auto-Pilot Income

There is a lot of talk within marketing circles about setting up systems and putting your business on auto-pilot. What this means is the business takes care of itself while you do other things, like spending time with family, going on holidays, pursuing enjoyable pastimes.

Targeted VisitorsTargeted visitors from Google are one piece of the puzzle allowing you to earn auto-pilot income 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Google sends you the traffic. Your website sells them the goods. An electronic payment processor takes care of the ‘paperwork’ and your supplier ships the product. Your business is on auto-pilot.

You can pay for expensive advertising elsewhere on the Internet, but if you do your SEO well, Google will send you all the free traffic you need without any additional cost to you.


When you are ranking high in the search engines and you’re getting free traffic and generating sales, you’re not just making money. You are also building your own business and paving the way to become self-employed and completely self-sufficient. Imagine, running a business from home on a full time basis: work your own hours; do what you want, when you want; be your own boss.

Financial Prosperity

That’s what running your own Internet home business is all about, isn’t it? Financial independence and financial prosperity.

It may take some investment of time, resources and money in the beginning to get your website set up, your auto-pilot systems in place, and your SEO efforts rolling along, but if you keep your vision for financial prosperity clearly in mind, you will stay focused on getting the job done. The job, of course, is to get your website and web pages to the top of the search engine rankings.

Targeted visitors from Google is the starting point. And be sure to look beyond only the income potential. Consider the other benefits, too. With that in mind, it is well worth your time to learn all the Google traffic tips, tactics and strategies you can get your hands on.

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