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Have you ever wanted to start an Affiliate Home Business, but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you already have a home based business, but it isn’t going real well? Help is available to get you started on the right foot, or to get your existing business moving in the right direction.

The Affiliate Power Group (APG) is an online membership site that has the resources, support and encouragement you need to get focused and make money online. Experienced marketing mentors are easily accessible on a daily basis to answer questions and guide you to the success you seek.

There is a cost to join the Affiliate Power Group. It IS a membership site with dues that can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. But the cost is well worth it. And as they say, really, it is not an expense, it is an investment. Think of the time you will save by learning from others who have gone before you and have worked out the kinks.

A few of the benefits to becoming an Affiliate Power Group member include access to a step-by-step Affiliate Home Business action plan; free WordPress installation on your domain; 70% discounts on ready-made marketing niche sites; APG learning center, including videos; … new private label rights (PLR) articles every month; new PLR/MRR (master resale rights) eBooks each month; not to mention daily access to the mentors, plus many other benefits.

At the moment, the Affiliate Power Group is offering a 10 day trial for just $1. This gets you in the doors to the site and gives you full and complete access to almost $1,500 worth of bonuses that you get to keep even if you do not remain a member beyond the trial period. I am sure you can see that this offer is virtually risk free.

Oh, yeah! One more big benefit: you also get to hobnob with ME (and many other members) in the APG forum! We have a very friendly and supportive bunch of Internet entrepreneurs with all levels of experience and business backgrounds. You will be in good company whether you are completely new to Affiliate Home Business, or you are a seasoned pro.

There is so much more that I could write here about the benefits of APG membership, but instead of repeating it all, why don’t I just introduce you to Ken Troyer, the founder of the group. You can click over to my Affiliate Power Group sales page where Ken tells the story of how and why he introduced the APG and why several of his peers were so enthusiastic to join him as mentors.

Read Ken’s story, check out the benefits of membership, and consider how the Affiliate Power Group can save you a whole lot of time and money in your quest for Affiliate Home Business success and Internet Marketing dominance. Go for it! I’ll see you on the inside. 😉

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