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You probably recognize from surfing the Internet that Affiliate Marketing programs are a popular way to make money online. Lots of people are doing it. I call this method of marketing “Affiliate Power for the home business.”

In fact, many online marketers earn significant home business income through Affiliate Marketing. Some of the most successful marketers focus on programs that produce residual income because it is a passive source of income that is typically low maintenance.

An example of a residual income program is where the customer purchases a monthly membership or a monthly subscription and as long as they maintain their membership or subscription you, as the sales affiliate, continue to receive a monthly commission. That is what I call affiliate power for the home business.

In some cases, where sales do not involve memberships or subscriptions, residual income may come from customers who return to the affiliate site via your affiliate link and make affiliate home businessadditional purchases at a later date. Also, there are some affiliate companies that track the visitors you send to their site and credit you with any sales generated for a defined period of time, say six months or 10 months or one year. This sort of arrangement will be outlined in the affiliate agreement.

Companies and other business people who make their products or services available to marketers on an affiliate basis particularly like this method of marketing because it means they do not have to pay the affiliate marketer unless or until a product or service is sold.

Rather than “pay-per-sale” commissions, as noted above, some affiliate programs use a “pay-per-click” system. Instead of actual sales of a product or service, these programs require only that you send traffic to their site. The pay you get per click may not be as much as what you might get from some pay-per-sale programs, but if you are effective in sending traffic to the site, the clicks, and the pay, can add up quickly.

It should be noted that the process of Affiliate Marketing typically does require some effort and attention on the part of the marketer.

Most Affiliate Marketers set up a marketing website. Some use pre-built, personalized sites provided by the affiliate company. Some set up their own site and post banner ads, text links, niche articles and other related promotional material.

The key to success with a website is traffic and to get more traffic, you need to optimize the site for the Internet search engines. Optimization can include such things as properly setting up the titles and meta tags, using key words and phrases in the page content, affiliate home businessadding new content (articles, blog posts) regularly, submitting keyword articles to article directories, getting backlinks from other websites that relate to your theme or niche, and participating in various online marketing forums and other social networking sites.

The real secret to successful Search Engine Optimization is first, to know what needs to be done, second, to have a plan for doing it, and third, to work at it on a daily basis. If you are like most home based Affiliate Marketers, your time, energy and resources are limited, so the thing is to just do something each day, even if it’s simply whatever you can get done in an hour’s time.

The main thing I want to emphasize in this post is that Affiliate Marketing is more than just a good way to make money online, it is an awesome way to create Affiliate Power for your home business! Learn what you can about Affiliate Marketing and be sure to apply what you learn.

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