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What do recognized leaders like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar and Guy Kawasaki have in common? Well, among other things, they include Article Marketing in their marketing plans. Imagine doing YOUR Article Marketing with the leaders!

The above mentioned high achievers, and many others, have another thing in common: they have articles posted in the article directory at And now, you can post your business and marketing articles in the same directory, free, right alongside theirs.

Not only will you enhance your image as an Internet Marketer by associating with these famous entrepreneurs, but the article directory is also an effective place to brand yourself as an expert in your niche and build additional backlinks to your website. …

This directory includes more than 5,500 authors and more than 640,000 people visit the website each month. In fact, the goal for the site is to exceed one million visits each and every month. If you have articles of interest to Internet Marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, then this is the article directory to get those articles into!

Experienced entrepreneurs have long recognized the value and importance of article marketing. There are a number of key benefits to posting articles in popular article directories.

For example:

– It can help you rank higher in the search engines for keyword searches.

– Links you place in your author bio paragraph, included with each article you post, will send readers to your website. Everybody wants more traffic!

– Your articles will draw the attention of qualified prospects. That is important because successful marketing is all about targeting the best prospects for the products and services you promote.

– The better quality and more content rich your articles are, the more you will be seen as a credible authority in your niche. This is exactly how you brand yourself as an expert!

The article directory can deliver these benefits and since there is no cost to become an author on the site, you get the added benefit of publicizing your business for free. If you are a home business entrepreneur, this should come as great news for you.

If you go to the article directory information page you will find comments from other authors, plus a series of frequently asked questions and the author registration form.

There are many very good ways to market your business online to increase your home business income. Article marketing is one way and it is a way highly recommended by most experienced Internet Marketers.

This is your opportunity to fly with the eagles. Many famous entrepreneurs have articles posted in the directory at Now you can rub shoulders with the best. Register today and accelerate the success of your business by article marketing with the leaders!

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