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Recently, I posted an article at IM faceplate, the exciting new Social Networking site, on the topic of “article writing for Internet Marketing.” My purpose was to share some insight with fellow marketers and also to work on branding myself.

Article Marketing is an important part of Internet Marketing success and it is a key element of building your brand online. IM faceplate is developing into an excellent place to brand yourself. By posting the article there, I was covering several marketing, branding and social networking bases all at the same time!

The article noted that, in addition to helping build your brand, Article Marketing is used also to promote your website, your products or services, and to build up valuable backlinks – links from the places where your articles are posted that point back to your website.

I’m not going to elaborate here on all the points covered in that IM faceplate article – you can easily click the link and read the full article for yourself – but I will briefly mention what was covered . . .

– Structuring your article to satisfy the curiosity of the reader: Lead with the most important detail and work towards the least important;

– Include a brief opening paragraph telling your reader what the article is going to be about; use the body of the article to quickly and clearly elaborate on the key points; wrap the article up with a closing paragraph that briefly reminds the reader what the key points were;

– Where appropriate, the closing paragraph can include a “call to action” where you tell the reader what to do now or where to go next for more information;

– Keep the article short, around 500 words or less, and break the article into short, easy to read paragraphs;

– Avoid uncommon words and expressions and keep your concepts basic.

The full article, posted at IM faceplate, includes additional explanations and insight.

Read Article Writing For Internet Marketing now and you just might find the extra inspiration you need to create better articles and improve the effectiveness of your Article Marketing and branding efforts.

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