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When you are considering home-based income opportunities, your best chance at success will result when you choose a home business idea that suits your personality. Some people do well with home parties; others do better online.

I have a friend in my little town that very recently joined a well-known company that focuses on home parties to market and sell their products. The company has been around for a very long time and is known for quality and dependability.

In a matter of weeks, my friend has risen to a leadership position with the company where she and her team are selling thousands of dollars of product and are earning both direct commissions and bonuses for their successful efforts. …

This is the type of success that most aspiring marketers and home-based business people dream of! The surprising thing is that this company has been around for so long, you would think that the local market would be totally saturated with representatives by now.

But here is my friend experiencing remarkable success right here in our tiny little community. What is the secret? How is this possible?

I have a theory and it revolves around choosing a home business idea that complements your personality.

My friend has a dynamic, charismatic personality and the ability to verbally communicate her experiences and excitement very well. You listen to her and you want to get involved!

The setting where she was sharing her experience was not a business presentation and our group was not there to consider business opportunities. Our friend was simply sharing her excitement with people in a particular social circle.

Still, as an Internet home business enthusiast, I found myself wondering if I should think about getting involved in my friend’s opportunity.

I didn’t wonder about it for long, and here is why.

Home Business IdeaOver many years, I have gained experience with a variety of types of business opportunities, from mail order, to multi-level, network marketing, direct sales and now, Internet Marketing.

In the past, I participated in enough home parties, hotel presentations, three-way telephone presentations and coffee shop presentations to know that, first, I don’t enjoy any of those presentation methods, and second, my personality is not sufficiently dynamic to produce above average results.

I know that if I enjoyed those methods, I could develop into a great presenter; I have the ability and the necessary training. But the fact is I don’t enjoy them and I don’t want to market that way. As a result, I have purposefully chosen to do business a different way: I have chosen Internet Marketing.

I like marketing online. It suits my personality.

Other people will do well with home parties and in-person presentations, but I know it’s not for me.

I know my friend could do well with Internet Marketing, or any type of business she chose, but personal contact and direct presentations are more her style, her forte; I think it’s what she would be happiest doing.

Me? I am happiest marketing on the Internet.

What about you? What type of home business idea would best suit your interests and your personality? I say identify it and pursue it!

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