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Interacting with prospects, customers and fellow marketers is a must today for Internet Marketers and commenting on the website or blog content of others is one way to stimulate meaningful engagement. I read an informative article today that explains how content commenting can be enhanced.

The article, Optimizing the Comment Experience, by Peter A. Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief of Website Magazine, featured five rules of engagement for commenting.

“Commenting on the content of others is one of the great hallmarks of Web Marketing,” Peter explains. He confirms two of the primary benefits of commenting on the content of others: “Not only do you get to participate and share your thoughts with others, but you have the opportunity to generate exposure for your own brand simultaneously.”

The five rules of engagement in Peter’s article suggest best practices for when you comment on other websites and on your own. Included in the rules are tips on how best to deal with unruly comments posted by others. …

When you post comments, Peter encourages you to participate in the conversation.

“If someone has taken the time to write something and you have taken the time to read it,” he says, “it seems like a waste to go off-topic, right?” Don’t just say, “great article.” Say why it was a great article.

Peter also promotes the idea of including data that supports your comment. Opinion is one thing, but data that supports the comment enhances the discussion and provides additional benefit to others.

A couple of Peter’s rules of engagement focus on the importance and value of rewarding positive contributions on your website or blog, and punishing disruptive behaviour.

With respect to acknowledging positive contributions, Peter says, “Rewarding positivity will set the tone and encourage repeat visits and greater interaction over time.”

With respect to disruptive behaviour, he advises, “Nothing good comes out of flame wars and posting offensive, threatening and inflammatory rhetoric. As the website operator, you must curtail disruptive behaviour with great swiftness.”

Peter also recommends transparency in the comments you make, declaring your personal interests. In other words, if you represent a particular company, and that bias is reflected in your comments, be honest and upfront about it.

After presenting the rules of engagement for commenting, Peter finishes the article with brief reviews of four comment system resources that could be useful to Internet Marketers. Comment systems allow you to better manage, moderate and track comments. Features and benefits vary from system to system.

I have been a Website Magazine subscriber for a number of years and have recently become an affiliate for the publication because I believe the articles and resources will be of great interest and benefit to Internet Marketers and website owners.

Read Peter’s complete article, Optimizing the Comment Experience, to find out how your content commenting can be enhanced.

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