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Does a home based Internet business mean more time freedom? That is a question asked recently in one of the online marketing forums that I frequent. Well, to answer the question, I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news. Starting and running an Internet business from the comfort of your own home is the same as running any kind of business, whether online or offline or from any office or building located anywhere. It takes planning, dedication, effort and sometimes long hours.

There’s a lot that goes into making a business successful and there is more to an online business than just setting up a website and posting some keyword content. …

One big challenge to marketing online is getting enough targeted traffic to generate a steady stream of sales. Many home based Internet business marketers spend most of their time learning and applying a variety of traffic methods.

Since there are so many hopeful marketers trying to do this same thing, it becomes a real challenge to get any significant amount of traffic. If you stick with it long enough, you will build up enough of a presence and reputation online to start drawing your fair share of traffic, but it could take time.

What this means is, the harder you work at it, the more dedicated you are, the longer the hours you put into it, the faster you will see progress and sales success.

If you are really focused, you might find yourself spending every available minute creating and posting content, spinning articles for the directories, “socializing” in marketing forums and on Social Media sites, and generally working on fine-tuning your marketing skills.

That’s the bad news. Depending on your level of dedication, you might not see a lot of “time freedom” in the early years of developing your business.

Home Based Internet Business TrafficHere’s the good news:

First, because your Internet business is home based, you can work as many or as few hours as you choose. (I spend a lot of hours doing it because I enjoy it.)

Second, because it is your business, you can be totally flexible in what hours of the day you choose to work, and here’s the best part: you can take off any time you want for family activities, household emergencies and the like. That is what I call freedom.

Third, if you learn and apply your marketing skills well and you build on your successes, then your business will grow; all the time, effort and dedication you put in early will begin to pay off. And that means you will be able to enjoy even more time freedom – not to mention financial freedom, once your monthly sales reach a certain level.

I know the first half of this post isn’t what aspiring entrepreneurs want to hear, and it’s not the story you get from most business opportunity ads and marketing materials. But if you ask any experienced online marketer about it, and they answer honestly, I would venture to guess that, with some exceptions, their answer will be somewhat similar to what I’ve posted here.

Does a home based Internet business mean more time freedom? Well, that’s all a matter of perspective, especially in the early stages when “time flexibility” might be a better term.

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