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There have been many influential books written over the years on motivation and achievement. One that has had a lasting effect on me and my home business success is Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery (PMA Book Series), written by the “Dean of Personal Development” himself, Earl Nightingale.

This book, highlighting “six words that changed the author’s life”, shows readers exactly how to apply the same six words to ensure their personal and business success.

The book was published in 1987 and I received a copy from my mother who had borrowed it from our local library. She knew I was interested in books on personal achievement and she had been a fan of Earl Nightingale, who had developed quite a following as a popular radio broadcaster, so she was confident that I would find great value and inspiration in the book.

Well, Mom was absolutely correct. I read the book several times before reluctantly returning it to her, and then I set about searching for a source to buy my own copy. Once I found the source, ordered the book and received it, I quickly read it through a few more times. However, this time, since it was mine, I underlined and marked many of the passages that were especially meaningful to me! …

Earl Nightingale's Greatest DiscoveryIn case you are wondering, the six words that changed Nightingale’s life are “we become what we think about.” The story that led up to his great discovery is quite interesting.

Nightingale explained how an early love affair with books resulted in him getting an above average education, and how he made two firm decisions that guided the remainder of his life: first, that he would discover the secret to success; second, that he would become a writer.

As an avid reader, he read everything he could get his hands on, especially anything to do with philosophy and psychology. After 17 years of intensive research, it suddenly dawned on him one day that he had been reading the same truth over and over again for many years: “We become what we think about,” he declared in his book.

“There at last was the secret of success or failure or something in between,” wrote Nightingale. “Each of us is sentenced to become what he or she thinks about most of the time. Our minds are the gyrocompasses of our lives. Once set, that’s where we are going until they are reset.”

Chapter one, The Discovery, tells of Nightingale’s childhood, how he started out poor in Southern California and wanted to know why some people were so well off, what their secret to success was. He soon found that the adults in his neighbourhood didn’t know anything more about it than he did. In fact, they all appeared to be un-educated and driven by instinct instead of purpose.

Nightingale goes on to tell how he escaped the mindset of poverty in his neighbourhood and embarked on a career of his own design. He follows this up with practical insight and instruction for the benefit of readers interested in personal development and achievement.

Towards the end of the chapter, he offers a quick, simple and extremely revealing technique to help the reader discover exactly what they should be doing with their life.

Closing the chapter, Nightingale says, “In doing that which we most enjoy, we will probably make our most significant contribution to society. And the contribution we make to society determines our rewards.”

Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery: Six Words that Changed the Author’s Life, can change your life, too. It changed my life. The book will inform and inspire you and will have a significant impact on the degree of your personal and home business success. Get the book. Read it. Think about success … and become what you think about.

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