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Thanks to Evan Carmichael of, I am now famous!
Well, kind of. I DO have my own trading card in Evan’s new collection of Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards.

Evan has recently released this collection of professionally designed and printed trading cards featuring some very famous people. Headliners include Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Walt Disney, Richard Branson and many more: 31 famous entrepreneurs in all.
GT Bulmer
KIVA HeroesThe collection also includes 33 leading bloggers, like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Darren Rowse.

Not only that, but profits from the sale of the Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards go to a very worthy cause: KIVA entrepreneurs in Africa!

(Front view, GT Bulmer card)

Visit Evan’s Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards information page for more details, sample photos and links to additional info about this amazing collection of trading cards.

My claim to fame comes from being an active member of Evan’s website, in particular, the Entrepreneur Forums. Evan has a Triple Crown Contest going where each calendar quarter, top achievers in three categories can win their own trading card.

The categories are:

Approved Articles Posted: Top contributor to Evan’s article directory

Referred Articles Posted: Top referrer, referring new contributors

Entrepreneur Forums: Top Poster

I won in the Forum Posting category, not too difficult for someone like me with the gift of gab when it comes to posting opinions on a variety of topics!

However, the top spot is open to anybody. If you can post two or three comments in the forum on a consistent basis every day, you’ve got it made! You could be immortalized on one of Evan’s awesome Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards!

I was originally referred to the website a couple of years ago by fellow entrepreneur and friend, David Hurley. Immediately upon arriving in Evan’s forum, I could see the quality of the members and the value of the information and insight they posted.

Evan CarmichaelA further tour of Evan’s site revealed a wealth of entrepreneurial information and inspiration! Imagine having your own mastermind group of leading entrepreneurs and business people who you could tap for info and ideas anytime you wanted. That’s the kind of resource that Evan makes available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, completely free to all visitors!

If you are not already a regular visitor to Evan’s main site or his Entrepreneur Forums, you simply do not know the value you are missing and you would do well to head over there now.

If you like a challenge, then consider Evan’s Triple Crown Contest: get involved in the forum, or submit your articles to Evan’s directory, or refer other writers to the directory. Or all three! There’s some tough competition in the contest, but if you are up to it, you just might earn yourself a place in history with your own professionally produced trading card!

Check out Evan’s Entrepreneur Heroes Trading Cards information page now.

GT BulmerGT Bulmer

Front and Back views, GT Bulmer card

(Photos reduced – not actual card size)

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