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The first rule of successful marketing is to get your message in front of as many highly targeted prospects as you can. To help maximize this goal, you might consider using a powerfully viral marketing machine. One way to achieve this is with free targeted advertising from

Adzly is a full-scale professional advertising network where you choose the market category and the network automatically finds the perfect prospects for your ads. It’s like the proverbial “better mousetrap” you’ve always heard about: your ad is the cheese and the adzly network is the path that leads the ideal prospects to your door.

You can set up a free adzly account quickly and easily and have your ads running in no time.

Advertising is a tricky skill to master; even more so when marketing on the Internet because there is so much competition. There was a time when you could use the “shotgun” approach to Internet advertising: you would simply blast your ads out there and hope some of them hit the right people.

Today, that approach is wasteful and inefficient if you hope to enhance your affiliate power. You really have to target the prospects who are best suited for your offers or your advertising will be wasted.

That is one of the strengths of the adzly ad network: it allows you to easily and effortlessly get your ads placed on potentially thousands of websites and in front of prime prospects that you may otherwise never be able to reach. free targeted advertisingThis is achieved through the placement of adzly “widgets” on the websites, blogs, social sites, etc., of participating ad network members.

Now, imagine getting more than 10,000 targeted ad impressions every day, completely free. That is the potential that adzly has to offer.

The network uses a system you can use to make your ads go viral. Simply show other Internet Marketers how they can also get free targeted advertising and when they join the adzly ad network as your referral, and they place the adzly widget on their sites, blogs, etc., two very powerful things begin to happen to accelerate your affiliate power.

First, when your ads run on the network, they will be seen by even more targeted prospects. Second, you will earn additional adzly advertising credits that will keep your ads running free.

It is not uncommon for home business marketers who see adzly for the first time to wonder if it is really as effective as it is made out to be, and if it’s worth the time and effort to get involved. Well, here’s the thing: adzly is free to join, it’s quick and easy to set up, and once you have an ad in the system and the adzly widget on your site or blog, you are going to get free advertising out of it no matter what. What more motivation does anybody need beyond that? is a professional advertising network and a powerfully viral marketing machine. Every website owner will jump at the chance to get free targeted advertising from adzly. Share this remarkable resource with others within your circle of influence, today.

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