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The New Year is quickly approaching and it is time to plan exactly how you will go about getting free targeted traffic to your website. There are many good ways to do it. I can offer a free resource that will show you the best ways.

The resource is an eBook called The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic. This free eBook is a standout resource for home business marketers because it focuses on helping you get targeted traffic and that’s exactly the kind of traffic you want.

When you get targeted visitors, you know they will be open to the ideas, recommendations and offers you have waiting for them on your website. The reason they are visiting your website is because you have let them know clearly that you have things that will interest them.

So, how will you entice them with your great offers? Let me count the ways…

As mentioned, these are the top 25 ways to get free website traffic, although there may also be other good ways. And even with these top methods, some will appeal to you and others may not. That’s the good thing: you can choose the methods you like best, and there are plenty to choose from.

The eBook provides the list and explains each method along with some suggestions on how to apply it most effectively. A little search engine optimization (SEO) and backlink building insight is also provided as an introduction to these free traffic tips.

Some of my favourite methods for free traffic are the old “standards” of the home business opportunities industry:

– Article Marketing
– Forum Marketing
– Social Marketing
– Blog Commenting
– Directory Submitting
– Writing Product Reviews

Free Targeted Traffic
Recommendations are also given for:

– Press Releases
– Guest Blogging
– Twitter Marketing
– Video Marketing
– Creating Feeder Sites
– Classified Advertising
– Thank You page marketing

Other ways covered to get free targeted traffic include:

– Starting a Newsletter
– Email Signatures
– Using ‘Tell a Friend’ scripts
– Joint Venture Giveaway Events

There are a few more traffic methods covered in the eBook that are not mentioned here.

If you can learn and apply all of the methods, awesome! But you really just need to select a handful, apply them diligently, and find the ones that work best for you. Then, equipped with that knowledge, you will be able to drive your Internet Marketing business to new levels of achievement and success.

Free targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any successful home business opportunity. Sign up to receive The Top 25 Ways to Get FREE Website Traffic eBook today and plan to accelerate your online business in the New Year!

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