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Everybody needs a fresh start now and again. If you are totally new to Internet Marketing, or if you find yourself spinning your wheels in your current income opportunity, here is your invitation to begin with a new perspective.

What are the three key elements to a successful home business opportunity?

One, you need something to sell that people want to buy; Two, you need a proven marketing system that comes complete with marketing resources, training and support; and Three, you need to have true entrepreneurial spirit and drive. …

I can provide you with products in demand. I can provide you with marketing resources, training and support. But what you are going to have to bring to the table is personal motivation, drive and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Can you do that? (I KNOW you can!)

Here, briefly, is what I am offering:

1. Product in Demand

There are two approaches to selling stuff online. You can focus on a tight niche, a particular product or line of products. Or you can set up a store that offers a wide variety of categories so you have pretty much something to offer everybody.

Our group is earning real Internet income with the second approach. We have an e-commerce shopping site called where regular members can list and sell all kinds of things in nearly 30 categories, and where commercial businesses list and sell their products and services.

Home BusinessAs an affiliate with our group, you can promote and sell individual items, or you can focus on categories of items, or you can simply promote the store as a whole. You earn direct sales commissions when customers you refer make purchases.

Here is a bonus: You can also introduce commercial businesses and sellers to the store and when they sign-up as your referral and sell their items, you earn referral commissions for as long as they are a member in good standing and you are a member in good standing.

2. Marketing System

I make money online every month with the system created by the SFI Marketing Group. This system combines elements of network marketing and Internet Marketing. It pays you direct sales commissions, plus commissions and bonuses based on team productivity. In other words, as you introduce affiliates onto your team and as they work on duplicating the system to build their own teams, your monthly income can grow. Much of the compensation plan revolves around purchases and sales at

Once you are registered as an affiliate with the SFI Marketing Group, you have full access to all of the training and the marketing resources. Not only is it an awesome way to get an Internet Marketing education, but SFI is free to join and there are no purchase requirements.

3. Entrepreneurial Spirit

You need to bring this. What it means is you have dreams, goals and ambitions. You have a desire to make something of yourself and build an Internet business that can produce both immediate and residual income. You have the ability to focus on the essentials of business-building and can follow the recommended steps to ultimate success. You are prepared to commit to your business for the long term, because Internet Marketing is NOT a “get rich quick” endeavour: it takes time, effort, focus, commitment, persistence and lots of determination.

Unless you are already a skilled marketer or salesperson, it could take several months before your income becomes steady. It could take a couple of years before you are earning sufficient monthly income to totally quit your “day job”.

But if you’ve got the desire and you’ve got what it takes to focus, follow the plan and stick with it until you succeed, you will become an Internet Marketing leader who others look to for inspiration. If that’s the future you envision for yourself, then this is definitely the opportunity for you.

You may be looking for a fresh start, an opportunity to start again, this time on the right foot. Or you may be new to this business and just looking for a proven plan that you know will work if you do. Whatever your situation is, you owe it to yourself to take an inside look at the SFI marketing opportunity.

Sign up (it’s free). Take a look around the SFI Affiliate Center once you are on the inside. Feel welcome to ask me any questions you may have about any of it. I welcome enthusiastic team members!

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