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Every Internet Marketer “thinks” they know what their business is all about, but have you truly defined your unique selling proposition (USP)? It’s what sets you apart and can attract targeted prospects by the number. How clear is your USP?

You need to clearly identify what it is that makes your business – or how you do your business – different or unique. When so many home business and online marketers are trying to sell similar products and services and using the same or similar methods to do so, you really need to figure out some way to make your products or your website or your methods stand out in the crowd.

If there was a secret to success in business and marketing, that would be it: identifying, accentuating and publicizing your unique selling proposition with a very clear emphasis on the “unique” part. …

Your USP could one of several things, or a combination thereof. It could be a unique product or service not easily available elsewhere; better prices than the average; some aspect of service, for example fast shipping or free shipping; or a certain level of quality, or variety, or versatility.

Your Unique Selling PropositionTo determine your USP, examine each of your products and services and list their features and benefits. Note everything about them as if you were preparing some thorough piece of promotional literature.

Next, go to the marketplace (the Internet or printed flyers, catalogs, advertisements, etc.) and find products and services comparable to yours. List the notable features and benefits of these products.

Then compare the lists to identify the strong points or unique features that your own products or services offer. If you can identify some clearly unique features, they may become the focus of your USP in your marketing campaign.

If there is little difference between your products and the other ones, and you still want to market those products, then you may have to look to your company or your marketing methods to find your USP.

Again, do a search to find businesses similar to yours. Conduct an intensive comparison and identify areas where you currently stand out, or qualities that you can improve and develop into stand-out features.

If your product line or your business is too closely similar to your competitors, the process of identifying your USP may not be quick or easy. But it is important to the future of your business and its income potential, so stick with it until you can either identify or create your unique selling proposition. Once it is clearly defined, work to make it the stand-out highlight in all of your marketing materials and efforts.

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