Although in the early days of the Internet, business and marketing started out with more of a “corporate” focus, it didn’t take home-based entrepreneurs long to see the enormous potential to create home business income on the Net.

Now, every Tom, Dick and Harriet wants to jump on the online marketing bandwagon, and why not? It’s easy to get started, the costs are minimal, and it has become a recognized and accepted way to earn some extra money from the comfort of home.

My Affiliate Power SiteAnd what better way to start earning home business income than with Affiliate Marketing? There are a few different ways that Affiliate Marketing can be approached.

In the early days, corporate websites like Amazon introduced affiliate programs designed to encourage you, the affiliate, to direct traffic to the corporate site. You would place links in banners or ads on your site pointing to … the corporate site, then you would do everything you could to get traffic to your site with the hope that they would click the corporate affiliate link. If they did go to the corporate site and purchase something, you would receive an affiliate commission.

Affiliate, sometimes called “associate,” programs are very common. The payment setup varies from company to company. In some cases, where the company site does not actually sell a product, the payment setup may be based on “pay per click.” Each company has its own payment arrangement and that is typically explained before the potential affiliate decides to sign on.

Other programs may be based on a network marketing model where the affiliate may be paid on personal sales generated from their marketing efforts, and may also be paid on sales generated but other affiliates who they sponsor into the program.

Then there are residual income programs. Residual programs offer the best option for longer term home business income. This is where the company tracks the visitors that come via your affiliate link and as long as that customer continues to make purchases, you will be credited with the sales.

A lot of companies prefer going the affiliate route over traditional advertising. With advertising, the company has to pay whether they get any traffic or sales or not. On the other hand, when they partner up with Affiliate Marketers like you, not only do they not have to pay for advertising, but they only pay you when one of your prospects makes a purchase.

As an Affiliate Marketer, it is your responsibility to advertise and promote the affiliate link to drive traffic to the company website or sales page. While this is not necessarily a simple process for those with no experience or training, there are plenty of places and groups on the Internet where you can get Affiliate Marketing information, resources and training.

My Affiliate Power SiteAll that remains is for you to decide how exactly you are going to either get into the affiliate business, or expand the business you are already developing.

The question is how much home business income do you want, and what are you prepared to do to put yourself into the ideal position to start receiving it? Whatever you do, don’t take too long deciding because every day you procrastinate is another day passing you by.

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