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If you are a new writer wondering how to become a freelance writer for pay in 2012, here is a recommended resource to consider. It will provide you with lists of paying writing markets and some very good training tips for writers.

Before I begin, let me say, as I’ve said before about this writer’s resource, if you are experienced in finding writing markets online, this might be a resource that you do not need. Of course, if you are new to writing online and don’t know how or where to find the best paying markets, then you will find this resource to be very beneficial.

The resource is a website called Real Writing Jobs where members get instant access to a writing job database that contains links to literally thousands of paid writing opportunities. …

The writing jobs listed in the database cover a wide variety of companies and industries. There are magazine opportunities, newspaper opportunities, corporate writing projects and many other writing related jobs to consider.

Become a Freelance WriterThe first thing many people ask when they are looking to become a freelance writer is “How much does it pay?”

The pay depends on the writer’s interests, experience, confidence level and writing ability. The good news is there are paid opportunities for every level of experience and any desired level of income. I have seen writing opportunities listed as high as $1 per word and $500 per article.

Members of the Real Writing Jobs site also get access to a variety of training articles, tips and eBooks, including How to Make Money as a Professional Blogger and Ezine Article Writing–10 Steps to Success.

Once you are a member, you can look through the writing opportunities anytime you wish and there are no writing quotas or volume requirements: you choose only the jobs you want, when you want them, and you can work from home at your own comfortable pace.

Please note, however, that once you find a writing opportunity that you like and have made arrangements with the publisher, you will then be subject to the writing requirements and deadlines as specified by that publisher. It is very important to your writing career that you pay close attention to any stated requirements and that you honour the guidelines and deadlines set out by the publishers. You want to establish a good reputation so that the publishers welcome you back when further opportunities come available.

Real Writing Jobs is a one-time payment, lifetime membership site. The convenience of having quick and easy access to thousands of paid writing opportunities plus the writer’s resource materials is well worth the membership cost.

Any new aspiring writer who wants to become a freelance writer for pay in 2012 really should take a good look at this home business opportunity. Click the Real Writing Jobs link now and check it out while it is fresh in your mind. Paid writing jobs are waiting for you on the inside!

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Become a Freelance Writer

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