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I’ve been reading about the importance of creating a natural backlink profile and want to share with readers a couple of ideas on how to build backlinks that come across as being natural. Do this if you want high search rankings that last.

We all know that the Google search engine and others have been stepping up their practice of tweaking and adjusting the search engine algorithms. Their aim is to improve the search experience for users. Their intentions seem to be honourable, but it has been causing trouble for Internet Marketers trying to keep up with best practices of search engine optimization.

It is no secret that one motivating factor for these constant updates is the tendency among some marketers to try to trick the system in order to get better search rankings. The result is that algorithm changes are made that can negatively affect all marketers, not just the offenders.

The best thing to do is to avoid questionable methods of link building and learn how to build backlinks that look natural. …

The best backlinks are those that come willingly from other websites that are very closely similar in content and marketing niche to yours. How do you get other site owners to WANT to link to your website? Easy! Update your site regularly with fresh, unique content that is interesting, informative and appealing to your targeted visitors. Focus on providing real solutions to the problems and issues they may be having.

If your site is filled with advertising, affiliate links, duplicated content and content that may be keyword optimized but has little informative value, then your visitors will not be motivated to return and other website owners will pass you over in their link-building campaigns.

How to Build BacklinksOn the other hand, if you post insightful and informative articles, how-to guides, and commentary on current issues related to your marketing niche and the interests of your targeted visitors, not only will your visitors come back, but chances are they will refer their contacts and associates to your site. Similar websites will post links to your site and pages.

If you do a good job updating your site regularly and you know your content has value and true appeal, then another great way to get natural links is to do some self-promoting.

There is nothing wrong with contacting owners of websites that are related in theme or niche to your own and letting them know you have a new article or blog post or web page that will be of interest and value to their readers and visitors. Also, watch for bloggers who write along a similar theme and advise them of your great content.

One final thought on the links themselves. Try to achieve a balance with some links pointing to your home page and other links pointing to various inner pages on your website. Search engines might consider it questionable if the majority of your backlinks point to the same page.

At the same time, where possible, try to vary the anchor text used with the backlinks so the keywords and phrases in the anchor text are not all the same. Also, keep in mind that the anchor text for a particular link should be closely related to the page the link points to.

Creating a natural backlink profile is an important part of building a successful Internet Marketing business. I hope these tips today on how to build backlinks that look natural have been informative or inspirational in some way. All the best of backlinking success to you!

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