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Today, I am going to tell you how to write a blog post for your home business. At least, this is the format and checklist that I use most of the time. Of course, there are always variations, and everybody has their own preferences.

First, do some keyword research and select a good phrase to optimize your post for. Every blog post should be optimized for a different keyword or phrase.

Second, use the keyword phrase as part of the title. I find that the title also sets the tone for the text of the post. When you get to writing the actual blog post, depending on the length of the post, use the phrase two or three times. Personally, I try to include it in the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle of the post and in the last paragraph. …

Third, write the blog post using an interesting or appealing opening paragraph, followed by two or three key points in the body of the post, keeping them brief, but clearly stated, relative to the main topic, and useful to the reader. Cap the post off with a closing statement that ties your main points together and includes a call to action: for example, telling the reader to buy something, sign up for something, click a link for more information or some similar call to action.

The Fourth step in how to write a blog post is to post it online, once it is written. If you use WordPress as your website platform as I do, here is what is recommended:

– Choose one category from the Category list. Create a new category if it is not yet listed.

– Choose 1-3 Tags from the Post tags list. Create a new tag if it is not yet listed.

– Fill in the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ fields (if you have it in your WordPress blog – it is recommended): add your title, a brief description of your blog post, and your keywords.

– Format your blog post with Bold Text, Italics, and Hypertext Links: I usually use bold text for at least one of the keyword instances and italic text for another. Also, in most blog posts, I include a link or two to either an affiliate product, another information page, or another blog post or page on my site. Whenever I include a link, I always use anchor text (hyperlinked text). I never use raw links. The link icon in the WordPress post editor (and in most post editors) makes it very easy to do this.

Benefits of Blogging– Add a picture, photo or some interesting graphic to the post: Again, the WP editor makes this very easy. You can add the pic, use your keyword phrase in the alt text for the pic, and also hyperlink the photo so when clicked, the link sends people to a page or site of your choice.

– Test the post to make sure everything looks good and the links work properly. Once you are satisfied with it, publish it.

– As a final check, once the post is live on your website, give it another quality check.

That is my recommendation for how to write a blog post for your home business. You can also check out a variety of business blogs to see how other marketers do it. Pick out the styles or methods that appeal to you and go for it!

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