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How time flies! It has been almost six weeks since I joined IM faceplate, one of the newest membership sites to hit the Social Networking scene, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you haven’t already done so, you really should join IM faceplate: Brand yourself!

IM faceplate is a premier social media site designed specifically for branding your Internet Marketing business. Unlike other sites that may restrict your website links, or links to sales pages and affiliate marketing sites, IM faceplate provides sections designed to help you market yourself, your ideas and your products.

You can join as a free member and enjoy all of the usual features. Or you can join as a Pro member and be rewarded with additional benefits, including increased exposure across the many sections of the site, as well as increased ad revenue from ads that you can choose to have displayed on your various faceplate pages.

How does IM faceplate help you brand yourself? Let me count the ways!

IM faceplate…

– is a powerful social network, like Facebook

– is a fast and easy connection tool, like Twitter

– is an EASY webpage creator, like MySpace

– has an SEO-optimized article directory, like HubPages

These are just a few of the highlights. You should visit the site for yourself and see how the members are using it. Visit my IM faceplate now and check me out!

When I first joined, I had the mistaken idea that IM faceplate was going to rise up to replace other popular social networking sites. However, the more I learn about the site, and the more ways I find to use it for Internet Marketing branding purposes, the more I begin to see how it actually complements the other sites and brings existing social content together, all in one place, on your personal IM faceplate.

Not only does the site excel at helping you brand your home business, but it makes it incredibly easy to add content, change content, move your content around. You select which modules to display on your faceplate, where to place them, what information to include in each one, and it can all be done in a matter of minutes. It usually takes me just seconds to go in and tweak something in a module when I want to add or delete something or make an adjustment.

There are so many more features to enjoy at IM faceplate. Again I say you should check it out for yourself. Sign up, get your name and your faceplate locked in, then check out MY faceplate for some ideas on ways to organize your information modules.

Online success revolves around how effective you are at branding your Internet Marketing business. This is your invitation to join the social site designed specifically for the purpose. Come to IM faceplate: Brand yourself!

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