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These days, anybody working to build their home based Internet Marketing business absolutely must include Social Networking in their plans. And if you are into Social Networking for your online business, then you really need to know about IM faceplate for beginners: it’s free.

In case you are not yet familiar with this relatively new social site, IM faceplate is the place where marketers of ALL experience levels can go to create their Internet presence and effectively brand themselves as leaders and experts in their niche.

If you do not yet have a niche or a particular marketing focus, then IM faceplate is a great place to rub shoulders with others who may have ideas, information and inspiration to help you get focused.

One of the things I like best about IM faceplate – and there are many – is the fact that it has been designed with the needs and interests of the Internet Marketer in mind. …

Some social sites focus first on the social aspect, then later add a business element as an afterthought. IM faceplate is built on a platform where the primary purpose is to help you as an Internet Marketer brand yourself. If you want to get IM faceplate: Brand Yourself!involved in traditional socializing, there are sections of the site where you can do that, too!

Basically, you will use IM faceplate to market yourself, your ideas and your products; it can be a personal online hub for all of your social media activity. You can quickly add articles, videos, product spotlights, tweets from your Twitter account and more. And from the moment you login, you will be connected with thousands of other like-minded marketers.

If you visit the IM faceplate homepage and click on the “take the tour” link, you will find out more about how it works. The tour explains that the site is all about branding: “This isn’t just some profile page buried within a member’s area,” says the tour text. “It actually publishes a webpage just for (you) that can be accessed by anyone at any time.”

Creating your “faceplate” is completely free and very easy to do thanks to the onsite editing tools. Some of the elements you can include on your faceplate are:

– A personal photo of your choice;

– Your name (to brand yourself);

– Social contact info (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.);

– Automatically populate your most recent Twitter tweets;

– Automatically populate your most recent YouTube videos;

– Automatically populate the titles from articles you post in your IM faceplate article directory;

– Include any rss feeds. For example, automatically have excerpts from your blogs appear;

– Integrate your email opt-in form;

– Create custom lists (product recommendations, your websites, favourite blogs, etc.).

IM faceplate: Brand Yourself!

Each of the above are created in independent modules, allowing you to position them on your faceplate as you please, in whatever order best suits your needs or interests.

Here is another great benefit to posting and creating content on your faceplate: articles on IM faceplate are SEO optimized to give you the potential of even greater exposure!

If you are a beginner to Internet Marketing, then you will appreciate the ease of setting up your faceplate, giving you an immediate web presence. You don’t even need your own website, although that is certainly recommended for any home business marketers who are serious about building an online business.

If you are an experienced marketer, then you should instantly recognize the value and the power that IM faceplate has to offer.

It’s easy to get started. Here are three recommended steps:

1) Sign up and be sure to click the confirmation link you will receive in your email.

2) Upload your photo; add a screen name (your real name is recommended for branding purposes); add your Twitter account, if you have one, because it can be an INSTANT way to get content onto your faceplate; do the same with your YouTube account if you have one.

3) Start telling others about your faceplate. The site has some pre-written email messages and tweets you can use, as well as referral links and banners.

Once these three steps have been taken care of, you can then go on to learn more about the additional features of IM faceplate and you can begin social networking with other members on the site.

I could talk about these features all day long, but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand to get an understanding of how it works and why it works so well to help you brand yourself.

– Visit the IM faceplate homepage and click the “take the tour” link.

– Visit my personal faceplate: GT Bulmer

IM faceplate isn’t only for beginners to Internet Marketing. Marketers of all kinds and all levels of experience will benefit from what the site has to offer. The purpose of this post is simply to provide readers with an overview of the site. Check it out for yourself. It’s free to join.

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