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Not only is IMfaceplate a great new site for Social Networking, it is a must have tool for the Internet Marketer! If you want to pump up your affiliate power, jump on this FREE social site right now!

– Visit my GT Bulmer faceplate to see what a faceplate looks like, then click the “create your faceplate” link at the top of any of my faceplate pages to create your own faceplate free.

– Or click here to create your faceplate now. It’s free.

Do you remember when Twitter was new and how it suddenly caught on like wildfire? Well, this is your chance to ride a new wave of Social Networking right from the beginning. Launched July 1, IMfaceplate is very quickly attracting the attention of Internet Marketers everywhere.

The primary focus of IMfaceplate is to provide marketers with an all-in-one community where they can create content, IMfaceplateconnect with other marketers and customers, and build their personal or business brand. All the tools are there to get the process started, and IMfaceplate is adding and expanding features as we speak!

Consider some of the benefits to this great new social site:

    – Create your own faceplate where you can quickly position a variety of easily customizable information modules;
    – Create lists of your websites, your other Social Networking sites, your rss feeds, your services, products or whatever you choose;
    – Post your newsletter opt-in form;
    – Publish articles on your own Articles page;
    – Highlight products, programs, services or anything you want on your own Spotlights page;
    – Post comments on your “my face” page and on the “my face” page of other members;
    – Join or start Groups or Discussions;
    – Make Money: Earn ClickBank commissions from ads displayed on your faceplate, your articles, and throughout the site. Simply enter your ClickBank ID and IMfaceplate takes care of the rest of the process!

IMfaceplateI had my faceplate and other profile elements up in minutes – it was easy! I visit the site for a few minutes here and there throughout the day, follow a few new people, thank others who have started following me, quickly update a few other areas, and then get back to my other writing and marketing tasks. Nothing to it. That’s what I call affiliate power!

If you are serious about building your Internet Marketing business and you recognize the value in Social Networking and in branding yourself or your online business, then this is definitely for you!

This is your chance to get ahead of the networking wave for a change: IMfaceplate – Great new site for Social Networking. Visit the site and see how easy it is to set up your own free faceplate.

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