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My offline marketing activity is minimal. Local friends and family know me as a freelance writer who works from home. However, my online activity follows a different path. Here is a little bit of insight into my Internet home business affiliate focus.

I wasn’t involved online in the early days of the Internet, but I believe Affiliate Marketing began as a way for website owners to advertise products and services as an ‘affiliate’ of the supplier, earning affiliate income when their efforts produced sales.

Later, network marketing and multi-level marketing companies took to the Internet and introduced the process of building sales teams along with group volume commissions, bonuses and other rewards. …

When I finally entered the online scene as an Internet home business affiliate, marketing online was in full swing and you had an incredible range of options.

To make a long story short, I have adopted a little bit of both affiliate marketing worlds, where I promote and sell some products and services as an independent marketer and I also promote one particular team-building affiliate program as my primary focus.
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You may notice on my website a few of the products, services and programs that I promote independently. These include personal development products from Brian Tracy International; a membership site called MAPS (My Affiliate Power Site) and another one called the Affiliate Power Group; a couple of WordPress guides and resources; a few web hosting companies; and a few advertising networks, like Google Adsense, Amazon and the Adzly ad network.

My team-building affiliate program of choice is the SFI Marketing Group.

Every good affiliate marketing program is built around a strong product and/or service aimed at the consumer, and is supported by a marketing and compensation plan that rewards the affiliate and offers an equal income opportunity for all experience levels.

SFI is such a program.

I am not going to say a lot about SFI here. If you want to know more, you can click any of the SFI links or banners on my website.

One thing I will point out, because it is important to know, is that the majority of the more than 115,000 products, services and other items that SFI affiliates promote and sell are actually provided by independent marketers, not by SFI.

To feature these items, we have a secure online e-commerce shopping site called Membership is free and for a very small fee, members can list their previously used items for sale.

On the other hand, small or medium sized commercial businesses can list their new items free by becoming a member of the E-Commerce Associates Program (there is no cost for ECA membership). There is a small fee only when an item sells. That’s it.

Well, that gives you a quick overview of my home business affiliate marketing activity: I use my website to promote and sell a few different things, with my primary focus being on the affiliate program provided by the SFI Marketing Group.

SFI has an incredible range of free training and marketing resources available to members. Take a look at it today!

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