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This is the second of a three part series on obstacles to home Internet business success. The first post highlighted the obstacle of Competition. This post will take a look at the obstacle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Internet Marketers have quite a number of skills and techniques they need to learn and apply in order to become successful in online marketing. SEO has always been one of the most challenging and mysterious elements of an online business.

When I was a newcomer to Affiliate Marketing I knew very little about SEO and did not understood the little that I did know. Over time, I began to pick up a bit of an understanding, but I soon realized that it was a “moving target” in that “new” methods seemed to be popping up regularly. …

The list of tips, tactics and techniques kept growing and I found it hard to keep up with it all.

Article Marketing is a good example. I was busy learning and applying many of the recommended SEO tips for Article Marketing and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of it and make some progress, POW! SEO Help for Home Internet BusinessWe got hit by the Panda algorithm updates, followed quickly by the Penguin update!

Overnight, the best practices of SEO for Article Marketing went out the window. As home Internet business marketers, we had to re-evaluate our keyword strategies, including how we use keywords in our articles and how we use anchor text in those articles or in their respective author resource boxes.

In general, I’m not saying those particular search engine updates were a bad thing. Their purpose was to force an improvement in the quality of the content on a website, making the site more valuable to visitors. Websites that comply should do better in the search engine results. Websites that do not comply will most likely see their web pages drop out of site in the search engine results pages.

While this is a good thing for search engine users, it is not good for online business people who work so hard to improve their search engine standings. It is now far more challenging to win the favour of search engines and earn higher ranking in the search results.

Understanding and applying “acceptable” SEO techniques has once again become a huge obstacle for many home business enthusiasts.

However, we must persevere, learn the new rules, adapt and push onward. Some marketers will fall away. The most committed and dedicated will survive. A few will thrive.

Some of the basics of good SEO still apply, such as learning to optimize your website and your web pages effectively (and appropriately), optimizing your offsite articles and content in a way that fits in with the new rules, building higher quality backlinks, and working to re-establish your backlink profile in a more “natural” way.

It is probably going to take more work now to make your home Internet business successful, but if you are truly focused on your dreams of financial independence through Internet Marketing, you will stick with it and make it happen.

Be sure to read the previous post in this three-part series highlighting the obstacle of Competition, and watch for the next installment where I will talk about the obstacle of Social Marketing (Social Media).

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