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Quite literally, you can open your own fully stocked online store instantly – within minutes from now. Simply join our company as an online affiliate marketer and the moment you sign up, your store is ready to go!

The great thing is it comes already loaded with more than 90,000 items. And, if you have your own products or services to sell, you can list them in the store, too.

This is ideal whether you are new to Internet Marketing or you are already experienced. Our company also provides free training and resources, and it’s free to join, too! …

I’m sure you’re wondering what the company is and how the store works. You might already have guessed that I am talking about the SFI Marketing Group.

Your Own Online StoreI’ve been an active SFI affiliate for more than two years and I have earned income from the company every month since becoming active.

There are a variety of ways to earn online income from SFI, but today I am only focusing on our fully stocked online store called TripleClicks.

TripleClicks is up and running and ready for you to start making money of your own with it. The instant you sign up as an SFI affiliate, you get a special TripleClicks link that you use to attract customers. You tell people about TripleClicks, give them your TripleClicks link, and when they go there and buy something, you earn a sales commission! Also, they remain as YOUR personally referred member, meaning that anytime they buy something, now and in the future, YOU get the sales commission!

If you are a newcomer to marketing online, no problem; SFI has all the training and marketing resources you will need. Your responsibility is to read through the training, learn what resources to use and how to use them, and then begin telling people about your new online store.

There are training modules (all free) that tell you about marketing on Social Media sites, blogging, advertising, local marketing and more.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Apply the marketing methods that most interest you, again at your own comfortable pace. Work when you want. Take time off when you want. Set your own income targets. And enjoy the experience of developing your own online business!

It all begins with first, signing up to be an SFI affiliate (no cost or obligation), second, getting the link to your own TripleClicks shopping site, and third, telling others about it. Simple. And fun, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Your fully stocked online store is waiting for you now. Check it out.

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