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You can pump up your earning ability through personal growth and development. In fact, success in every area of your life, whether business or personal, depends on your commitment to building your knowledge and skills.

I launched this website with the original intent of providing information and resources related to Affiliate Marketing and home business opportunities. However, I soon realized that many aspiring entrepreneurs could also benefit from some insight into personal development.

I like to share thoughts and ideas I have gleaned from training materials I have personally purchased from Brian Tracy International. It is my belief that anybody who takes the time to learn the basic characteristics needed for success and achievement will be happier, more productive and will contribute much more to their business, their family and their community in general. …

Getting straight to the point of this blog post, Brian Tracy tells us that our most valuable asset is our earning ability. “It’s physical, it’s mental – it’s your capital,” he says. “And your most precious resource is your time.”

I appreciate Brian’s point of view, and the way I see it, no matter what lofty ideals we may have in life, it all comes down to survival and doing what we have to do to put a roof over our head, bread on our table, and money in the pockets of utility providers so we can have heat, power and telecommunication services.

Since our earning ability is the foundation on which we build a comfortable lifestyle, we should Personal Growth and Developmentmake it a priority to find ways to enhance this most valuable ability through personal growth and development. We need to work at developing suitable physical skills as well as the complementary mental and emotional attitudes necessary to support them.

And since time is our most precious and non-renewable resource, we must choose to invest it wisely on the activities most beneficial to the achievement of our primary purpose, whatever that may be.

The physical skills that we need, we can learn through apprenticeship programs, on-the-job training and general work experience. The more we practice, the better we get.

The mental principles and attitudes that we need, we can learn through the study of written materials, audio programs and the examples of others who have travelled the path before us. After we study the theory of these principles, we must then put them into practice and remain constantly mindful of their purpose, importance and value.

We may at times be dependent on others for their service and support, but ultimately, our success and the degree of lifestyle that we are to enjoy is our own responsibility. The kindness and patience of others will go only so far. And then we must be accountable for our own well-being.

If you see the value in pursuing programs of personal growth and development to enhance your earning ability, then let me encourage you to make it a priority to find and follow such a program at your earliest possible convenience. My recommendation is Brian Tracy’s The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement.

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Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

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