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Business Social Networking sites are great for promoting your Internet home business. They offer advantages over basic social sites. IM faceplate is a social site designed specifically for marketers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I’ve been an active member of IM faceplate for about a year and a half and I’ve found it to be an ideal place to post my articles, promote my products and services and generally build my presence in an active community of like-minded Internet Marketers.

Perhaps the best thing about IM faceplate is the fact that you are encouraged to promote your business and build your brand. Not like basic social sites where you might get chastised or penalized for trying to promote your business. …

IM faceplate is designed to be a hub for your social media interactions with other members and online marketers. It is a platform where you can gain valuable exposure by integrating into a community of business oriented and success driven individuals.

Like most business Social Networking sites, IM faceplate is driven by content, and this content is provided by members. You can post articles, videos, personal and business updates and promotional messages. You can start or engage in discussions on any topic you choose. This is an awesome way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Establish yourself as an expert in your field or niche.

You can also link to your other social sites: include a Twitter feed, YouTube feed, RSS feeds from your websites or blogs, even opt-in forms for your email autoresponder.

Business Social Networking Sites

It is easy to set up your faceplate; takes just minutes. Start posting your content and begin connecting with thousands of members. Brand yourself, your ideas, your business and your products.

Basic membership is free and you never have to upgrade to paid membership if you don’t want to. I am an upgraded Pro member because there are some additional features and benefits that I like, but it is completely up to the individual.

Although many Internet Marketers have made IM faceplate their primary social marketing hub, others use it simply as a supplement to their other social sites. However you choose to use IM faceplate, the main thing is that you join now and begin building your presence today.

IM faceplate is developing as a leader in business Social Networking sites. Join now and position yourself to take advantage of the boom when it explodes like Facebook and Twitter did.

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Business Social Networking

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