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This post will look at promoting your unique selling points as a follow up to my previous post, “Have You Defined Your Unique Selling Proposition?” Properly identifying your USP and effectively promoting it is the key to your success.

In the previous post, I noted that your USP is the element of your product or service or your marketing style or the features of your business that set it apart from other similar products or businesses. I offered a few suggestions as to what this may be and how to determine it for your business, and I emphasized the value and importance of going through this process.

Today, we will touch on marketing with keywords, and identifying who your target market is and how to find or attract them. …

First, a few words about marketing with keywords and phrases.

Unique Selling PointsFor most Internet Marketers, a big part of promoting the unique selling points of a business is onsite and offsite search engine optimization (SEO). A primary focus of SEO is keyword marketing. It is very important to select the most accurate keywords and phrases possible in order to pre-qualify and attract the best targeted visitors.

There are many free keyword tools available, but depending on your budget and how serious you want to get, you may want to look at paid services to get the best keyword results.

However you approach your keyword research, your aim should be to select keywords that clearly describe the product, the business or your USP without any doubt or confusion. Focus on exactness and accuracy. Your aim is to attract targeted buyers. If they arrive at your site or sales page and do not see what they expected to see, you will not make the sale. You will be wasting your time and theirs. Choose your keywords thoughtfully and carefully.

In addition to selecting keywords that clearly describe the product, business or USP without any possibility of confusion, you must also identify exactly who your intended audience is.

Who is your ideal customer? Who will benefit most from what you are selling? Who will be most interested in the features, benefits or USP you are promoting? The more clearly defined your targeted prospect is, the better your keyword choices and the results of your marketing and promotional efforts will be.

The other benefit to clearly defining your intended audience is it helps you to determine where to find them online.

The first part of your marketing efforts is doing things to get their attention and draw them to your website. The second part is getting out there and meeting them, socializing with them. That’s all part of the branding process.

Once you know your ideal prospect, you may be able to find particular social communities where they are likely to hang out. These may be niche communities focused on their interests, or they may be niche groups within larger communities, like Facebook and other similar Social Media sites.

Join these communities, look for ways to interact with your targeted prospects, get to know them and let them get to know you, and when the time is appropriate, highlight your USP and invite them to check out your website or your products.

There are many ways of promoting your unique selling points. But it begins with clearly detailing your unique selling proposition and profiling your ideal prospects.

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