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I have been interested in real home business opportunities for a number of years. One thing that I learned long ago was that there are legitimate ways to earn income from home and there are questionable ways. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on identifying the legitimate ones.

I first started my research into home-based businesses way back last century, back in the ‘70s. Magazine ads like “Make Money From Home” and “Earn Part-time Income” caught my eye and I began sending away for books and reports that promised to educate me. Much of the material was enlightening and, in fact, I still have the first such book that I bought: Plan For Mail Order Profits, by David G. Baron, published in 1975.

Today, Internet Marketing is the preferred way to build a home business. In this post, I will highlight the three primary product categories that most home business marketers use to build their businesses. …

The three primary product categories used in most real home business opportunities today are: Products, Services and Content


The main focus of that mail order training guide from 1975 was on choosing and selling physical products. The tips provided in Baron’s book helped the reader identify good products to sell. Also included was a checklist to help score the marketable value of a product.

Most of the items on the checklist are as valid today as they were back then, so I offer the relevant items here for your consideration.

A product is good if:

– It fills a definite need
– Is easy to use
– The potential market is big enough
– The price is attractive
– The quality is good: it works every time
– There are dramatic features to highlight
– There is a reorder factor
– It has year round appeal

The more items on this checklist that can be applied to the product being considered, the better the product is and the more likely it can be marketed successfully.

With a little research online, you will be able to find many Affiliate Marketing and direct marketing companies with products available for you to sell through your home-based Internet business.


The selling of ‘services’ is another way to earn extra income working from home. Unlike ‘products’ that involve shipping and delayed gratification for the customer, a service can often be delivered immediately, in whole or in part, and may potentially be subscription-based, meaning you can earn residual income for as long as the customer remains a subscriber.

There are numerous affiliate and direct marketing companies around the world with a range of legitimate services that you can offer to your prospects.


Content, in the form of ‘information products’, is one of the most popular categories being marketed online. There are many types of content to consider: reports, eBooks, training guides and even articles and blog posts – all can be sold successfully online.

The added benefit to marketing ‘content’ on the Internet is that with a little initiative and effort on your part, you can create your own information products to market and sell. Until you are ready to do this, you can find endless sources of suppliers who have content available for you to sell to your prospects and customers.

There you have the three main categories that form the base of most of the real home business opportunities that you will encounter online. The checklist given for the ‘product’ category can also be used for the other two categories. If the Product, Service or Content you are considering does not score well on that checklist, then you may want to re-evaluate how legitimate the opportunity may truly be.

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