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Welcome to my Real Writing Jobs Review. This popular resource will be of interest and benefit to anybody seeking to earn income from home as a full or part time writer.

First, let me say that you may not need this helpful resource if you are an organized writer who already knows where to find high paying writing jobs online, including industry assignments, premium writing jobs, magazine directories with corresponding payment rates, and writing contests, not to mention guides, tutorials and other resources designed to help a writer earn more income, faster.

On the other hand, if you want to save a whole lot of time and effort by finding all of the above resources in one handy location, and if you are serious about developing a steady income as a paid writer, then Real Writing Jobs might be just the resource you are looking for. …

I learned about Real Writing Jobs from one of my Internet Marketing mentors who recommended this resource based on the benefits mentioned above. As a home based Internet Marketer and freelance writer, I was interested.

Once I became a member and had a look at the service from the inside, I was impressed and instantly knew that this was something I wanted to recommend to other writers and entrepreneurs. Here is my review:

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Real Writing Jobs Review

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Real Writing Jobs Review

As noted earlier, Real Writing Jobs is a one-stop site that instantly connects members with paid writing jobs and a variety of writer’s resources. There is a one-time cost of $68.00 US and then you are in for life.

Much of the information on the site can be found elsewhere on the Internet … if you know where to look or have the time and patience to hunt for it. However, if you would rather spend your time writing, instead of hunting for jobs and information, this site is for you.

Here is what the site delivers:

– Instant access to thousands of real writing jobs;

– A step-by-step tutorial to help you get focused, fast;

– A variety of member bonuses, including the eBook, How to Make Money as a Professional Blogger;

– Articles and Tips, including the articles, Freelance Writing For Beginners, and Freelance Writing Gigs, What’s the Best Way to Find Them?;

– The eBook, Ezine Article Writing – 10 Steps to Success.

Overview of the “Available Writing Jobs” Section

The Writing Job Database: Over 1,000 writing related jobs available from a broad cross section of companies and sources, updated regularly.

Premium Writing Jobs: These are some of the hottest jobs, handpicked and highlighted by the site administrators. I just counted and today’s list has more than three dozen listings seeking writers for pay in such categories as Pop Culture, Home Improvement, Sports, Health, Business, SEO, Creative Fiction and many more.

Magazines: Did you ever dream of writing for a magazine? Now you can. I just counted and today’s list includes more than 80 magazines, some that pay up to $500 per article, or up to $1 per word.

Writing Contests: The categories in this section include Writing Contests, Poetry Contests, Book Contests and Scholarships. There are currently almost 40 listings with contest prizes offered up to $50,000. One foundation offers an annual scholarship of $175,000.

Real Writing Jobs Highlights

What I like best about Real Writing Jobs is the fact that it brings everything together in one location: from the thousands of real paid writing opportunities, to the variety of helpful resources and tips for writers. It makes it easy for any aspiring home-based writer to get focused and on track to start earning income from their writing efforts quickly.

You can work from home, choose only the writing jobs that interest you, work your own hours and work as much or as little as your lifestyle allows.

A few Lowlights?

I don’t personally consider this to be a drawback, but some writers might consider the $68.00 US cost to be high. However, when you consider all that you get for it plus the fact that it is a one-time fee that gives you lifetime access to regular updates and all the resources, it is quite a valuable investment in your financial future.

Another drawback might be that you can find the writing jobs and similar resource material elsewhere online for free. Again, the way I personally look at it is how much time and effort you save by logging in to one location and instantly having access to all of that info. It is well organized and provides step-by-step guidance in a purposeful way: to me, that has value.

One final drawback is that when you are logged into the membership site, in addition to the writing-related links and resources, you may also find a few promos for other products and services: if you do, simply ignore them and stay focused on the valuable stuff.

My Recommendation

As a freelance writer and an experienced Internet Marketer who has been exposed to all kinds of promotional gimmicks, I had my doubts about this resource when I first looked at the product Real Writing Jobs Reviewinformation page, but I trusted my mentor for recommending it to me and I took the plunge. Now, I can recommend it with full confidence.

I hope you have found value in this Real Writing Jobs Review. If you like the idea of earning money working from home as a paid writer, then I encourage you to visit the Real Writing Jobs product information page now. If what you see there seems reasonable to you, then by all means, sign up and launch your online writing career today.

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Real Writing Jobs

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