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There are many factors that contribute to home business success and in my opinion, they can be summed up in three words: Risk, Resolve, Reward. Here is my personal perspective on the topic.

In the years since I have been reviewing and testing home-based business opportunities I have noticed a couple of things about people. First, most aspiring entrepreneurs are driven by a dream to achieve more in life. Second, while many have a desire for something better, not so many are willing to stretch far enough beyond their comfort zones to achieve it. Third, too many of them expect results without personal effort.

Here are my thoughts on Risk, Resolve and Reward. …

I see Risk as the first step or first stage of a marketer’s journey to home business success. In order to achieve anything new or anything of value you have to take some risks.

It could be low-level risk, like deciding to do something different. It might be mid-level risk, like investing time and energy into a venture with no promise of a return. It might be high-level risk, like liquidating your life savings and pumping it into a major business venture.

Whatever the level, there is some degree of risk involved. The nice thing about most home-based Internet businesses is that the risks are minimal and the costs are low.

Resolve is the next step. This is where you commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve home business success. When your resolve is firm, there is no turning back. You are committing to take the steps necessary to produce the desired results and you are determined to follow it through.

This is the stage that many people have trouble with. They lose interest once they find out that an investment of time, training and effort is required. The few who stay focused and committed achieve success by sticking to a plan and accomplishing their goal step by step.

Reward is the final stage and the one that all home-based entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers seek. Just like risk, there are low, mid and high-level rewards.

A low-level reward might be the satisfaction of learning a new skill or marketing method, like how to optimize a web page or an article for the search engines.

A mid-level reward might be receiving your first significant affiliate commission payment from the affiliate marketing company you are promoting.

A high-level reward might be the awesome feeling you get after receiving monthly commissions from that company for a number of months in a row and knowing that because of your efforts during the “resolve” stage, the commission amounts will continue to increase.

So, to review the stages, first you must take a risk, step outside of your comfort zone and launch a new project or a new business. Second, you must resolve to learn and do whatever it takes to make your new business or new marketing strategy work. Third, you must focus on the rewards, keep your eyes on the prize and use it as daily motivation; your constant reminder of exactly why you are doing what you are doing

Risk, Resolve and Reward are three very important keys to home business success. Use them to guide you every step of the way. Few people achieve true success. Will you be one of them? You can do it!

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