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Do you have things laying around that you don’t want or need anymore? Who doesn’t! Here is a good way to sell your stuff online. It is easy and secure, and to help you get started, I will give you a FREE listing!

I am a member of the e-commerce shopping site. The site is designed to help match up sellers and buyers of all kinds of things, both new and used. There are almost 30 categories of products and services to choose from.

It is perfect for people who have things sitting around in closets, the attic, the basement or the garage. The way it works is you register as a member, you list your items, when they sell you are advised so you can ship the item and the sales proceeds are deposited to your member account. …

Sell Your Stuff OnlineAs the money accumulates in your member account, you can use it to purchase things at TripleClicks, or you can choose to receive the funds as cash. When you cash out your funds, there is a small fee, the amount depending on how much you cash out.

There is a small cost to list each item: one TCredit. You can purchase TCredits by the each or in packs of varying amounts. Of course, the larger the pack, the cheaper it is per TCredit.

But because you are reading this post, you can take advantage of my offer to get your first product listing free so you can try it out and see how it works to list and sell your stuff online.

As you will see when you sign up to get your free listing, we already have more than 1.7 million members who have listed more than 93,000 products and services. Many of these members are actively promoting the site, so the popularity of TripleClicks is increasing and the daily traffic to the site is quite substantial.

There is more than just buying and selling going on at TripleClicks. We also have an incredibly popular penny auctions feature called Pricebenders where you can win items for just pennies on the dollar, and we have a monthly music contest for independent artists worldwide. You can vote for your favourite artists and help choose the monthly winner! We also have a few ways you can win or earn free TCredits.

My recommendation is that you sign up to get your FREE listing, then take a tour around the site to see what it’s all about. As a member, there is no obligation to do anything. If you do choose to list an item, just use the free listing I’m giving you.

That’s it! Now you know a great place to sell your stuff online. I hope you take advantage of my free listing offer, even if only to check out the e-commerce shopping site for yourself.

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Sell Your Stuff Online

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