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One of the key ways to apply Affiliate Power to your Internet Marketing business is through Social Networking. Some online marketers may not realize that you can do Social Networking with music.

I am active as a Twitter member and through Twitter I was introduced to a great online music sharing site called My user name is BlipStarr. allows members to access and listen to millions of songs FREE, posted by members. The Terms of Use outline exactly how songs can be added to the playlist with due BlipStarrand proper respect to the legalities of copyright.

Basically, once you become a member, you have your very own Internet radio station where you choose the songs you wish to listen to. Also, you can “blip” or “reblip” your favourite tunes so other members can listen to them as well. It’s all very easy to set up and quick and easy to do once it is set up.

Here’s where the “Social Networking with music” part comes in. In your profile, you can include a link to your personal or Internet Marketing website. As you become active as a member of and fellow members get to know you, they will be interested in knowing more about you, so some of them will click your web link to find out “what you do.”

Additionally, you can set your station to automatically send your music blips to other Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more. This will increase your exposure across many platforms and the whole idea behind Social Networking for your Internet Marketing business is to expand your presence on the Net.

As with many Social Networking communities, your participation on is not necessarily going to drive hoards of traffic to your marketing site – at least, not until your “listeners” number in the tens of thousands or more. But it is definitely one more way to spread yourself wider across the Internet. You will place yourself in front of members at that you may never be able to reach elsewhere. In other words, is simply one more tool or resource that you should consider adding to your Social Networking toolbox.

By the way, there is NO marketing or affiliate plan with It is free and open to everybody. Nobody earns money by posting or blipping songs and nobody earns money by signing up new members.

On the other hand, DOES offer some incentives and rewards to active members. You can earn a variety of “badges” for things like how many music blips you do, how many “props” you give to other members for their blips, how many props or reblips you get from other members, how many different members reblip your blips, and more.

There is also a badge for being a Promoter. You earn this by getting friends and associates to sign up as a member.

GT BulmerSo … this is my invitation to YOU to consider becoming a member (DJ) of As mentioned earlier, it’s FREE, quick and easy to do. Also, it is FUN and having control over the music you listen to is great!

You may not have previously thought about Social Networking with music. Now’s your chance. Take a look at and if you like it, sign up to get your own programmable Internet music station!

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